NHL 18 Brings An Array Of Brand New Dekes And More

NHL 18 not only brings several new game modes, but it brings an array of brand new dekes. NHL 18 is the latest installment to EA’s professional ice hockey simulation lineup. For The Game’s Features, we will made a simple introduction. Before the release of NHL 18, more official news will be updated irregularly, stay tuned U4GM.

NHL 18

Let’s Briefly Take A Look At These Features

Experience expansion in the new NHL
Expansion draft
More expansion locations

The Ice Is Your Playground
Defensive skill stick
Creative attack dekes
Creative teammate A.l.
Authentic 3-on-3 EASHL

Arcade-inspired 3-on-3 hockey
All action
NHL threes
New arenas
Ultimate couch co-op
Threes online – NHL threes
Campaign mode – NHL threes
Play by your rules – in NHL threes
New Broadcast and commentary presentation

Above mentioned features, details information can be viewed at U4GM and click here to know more. NHL 18 is slated to be released on Friday, September 15 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release date is coming, you had better buy NHL 18 Coins right now. You will be able to buy the cheapest coins at U4GM.

FFXIV A Realm Reborn Starts With The Creation Of Your Character

For the latest FFXIV expansion Stormblood, and it have been launched for a while. Including 8 brand new light party dungeons, 3 of which are expert level. As know, Stormblood is the latest in a series of expansions, it brings a whole host of beautiful landscapes, characters, and swimsuits to all budding Eorzea adventurers. To learn more about the FFXIV expansion, visit official website.

Final Fantasy XIV

Like any MMO, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Starts with the creation of your character. In addition to the usual skill changes and breeds, you will need to choose your protective deity and date of birth. These two elements have no real importance on your character since only a few points of elementary resistances vary according to the divinity. As for the date of birth, it only serves roleplay.

To learn a new class, all you have to do is go to the guild of the class you are interested in and complete the short blue quest. To move from one class to another at any time, it will be necessary to equip the weapon of the corresponding class, or create a shortcut, via the list of outfits.

To change class, you must first reach level 10 with the starting class and complete class quests (1, 5 and 10, which are taken from the class guild, Form of blue quests). Attention: Class quests are essential. It is very important to go to his guild every 5 levels. These quests allow you to unlock spells, stuff and level 30, jobs.

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A New Tool With Multiple Possibilities In Albion Online

We present today a brand new tool allowing the Albion Online Character Builder Look for the best combinations of builds and share yours with the community.

This new feature allows you to compose combinations of equipment with the different elements (boots, helmet, jacket, weapon …) of all levels at your disposal! You can even share your best creations with the community and add detailed explanations written or video.

albion character build 1.fw

With the Character Builder you will have the opportunity to:

  • Create a Solo Builder: You are what you wear, so optimize your unique build of solo equipment that will define your role.
  • Create a Group Builder: Find the best group synergy for 3, 5, 10 or 20 players by combining the solo characters already created.
  • Share Articles: An “Article” tab lets you view and share articles on all topics related to Albion Online, from managing your farm to the best GvG tactics. A good way to enjoy the experience and knowledge of other players.
  • Discover all the creations classified by categories and popularity and vote for your favorite builds.

These various tools are accessible to all to the reading and the sharing but it is necessary to have an access to the game in order to post there his own creations.

Albion Online is available since July 17th on PC. The cross platform on Mobile (iOs / Android) will arrive very soon!

Buy Items You Want From ESO Crown Crates

The Elder Scrolls Online has been added with a lot of stuff today, some of which can be bought in special cases. With more and more games, you can get some kind of gaming – usually cosmetic items – by opening some sort of chest, and this trend has been catching up with The Elder Scrolls Online. We can buy Crown Crate named after this premium store now.


From these, you can get random, usable and cosmetic stuff, at least four, but up to five, in each case higher in value than the price of each crate. What we do not need is a loot (because we have it or we do not like it), we can switch it to the latest payment tool of The Elder Scrolls Online called the Crown Gems. The content of the boxes will change regularly along a subject and you can find further information on the boxes. ESO-GOLD will add more basic ESO news and tips on an ongoing basis to help you get acquainted with the latest entry in the game.

How To Use the Target Passing Mechanic In Madden 18

Madden 18 will have arcade, athletic and simulated game styles and offers unique features. If their functions are being described, then each virtual soccer fan should have something.


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• Close the target pass: Press LT / L2 again to turn off the target passer.

• Moving target: Use LS to move the target. When your target changes, QB will turn to face the target.

• Raise your goal: After shooting, press and hold LT / L2 and your target will be your primary receiver.

• Throw to the receiver: Press the displayed receiver icon button. Use the same throwing mechanics to carry the ball, touch and bullets.

• Target receiver switch: When you press and hold LT / L2, press the receiver button other than the current target receiver and the target will switch to the receiver.

• Neutral Target Pass: If you release LT / L2, it becomes a neutral target pass. This allows you to press the desired receiver button and throw it immediately without having to switch the target and then throw it.

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Gamers Realized That Overcoming Challenges In MU Legend Was Fun Very Much

Some gamers thinks MU Legend was the first game to make them seriously compete against each other. Previously, there were many games where you could compete against friends. But, for MU Legend, it must have been the first game that had the depth that was worth investing time and effort into. It made gamers realize that overcoming challenges in the game was fun very much.

MU Legend

Compared to other games, it was the very first time I ever saw a game where you had to fight with logic, you had to have strategy. Having being said, you require know some tips and guides about the game, there are wealth of tips, tricks and guides, resource from here. The Global Open Beta Test release date have been revealed, U4GM have also posted latest news about the test, welcome to view at U4GM.

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After a couple of phases of Closed Beta Test, the last of them a few weeks ago, Webzen announces the approximate date for the launch of the open beta globally. The Open Beta Test will be launched during this summer of 2017. Regardless of what you want to know, U4GM will in an effort to update the latest and the fun news to you, meanwhile, we will offer the cheapest zen.

MU Legend: System Requirements And Its Core Features

In MU Legend, the core features, such as the Action-heavy combat system, already look promising. MU Legend has enjoyed great success, especially in the Asian region. The game is based on Unreal Engine 3 and is therefore supposed to run on older computers still acceptable. However, the developers also guarantee that the game will be more interesting. U4GM offers cheap Mu Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling to gamers with big discount, what are you waiting for now?

MU Legend

All classes are designed so that you can have a lot of fun with them, but for the challenging group content certain roles can be used: A Dark Lord can be either powerful with the two – handed or gain a magic weapon with which He can passively heal himself – so he would be an acceptable tank. In general, there are many possibilities to individualize the individual character.

The recommended system requirements of MU Legend are the benchmark of what capacity is needed to uncover the full graphic and technological potential of the game. On the set indicated in the recommended requirements, the game will be able to start and work comfortably on the maximum graphic settings.

The minimal system requirements of MU Legend show the option of bundling the PC, at which the game will work stably at the minimum settings, without causing any appreciable discomfort. Regarding the system requirements of MU Legend, you can head over to here to check out more, as a professional and trustworthy website, U4GM is proud to offers more latest news to gamers all over the world.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Go To Vivec 700 Years Before

Zenimax Online is responsible for returning us to the Vvardenfell region after 15 years from our first landing. The Elder Scrolls Online receives its first major expansion of content.

Little more than 15 years separate us since The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind will land in our homes. So much time behind their back they have done nothing more than extol the legend of which for many is the sum – still – inside the franchise. The truth is that it is not at all farfalle such a statement, because from the following delivery opened a breach of opinion in your community. On the one hand were the always suspicious veterans, who demanded an experience closer to the pure roleo. Instead, the newcomers – motivated by their launch on Xbox 360 – found in Oblivion a work that, for better or worse, became a milestone for those early years of the last generation.

eso battleground

From Bethesda Softworks they know very well the special affection that great part of their followers guard to the localizations of Morrowind. The title starring Dovahkiin already flirted with this type of homage, and in a display of nostalgia for his third and final downloadable content gave us the opportunity to return to the island of Solstheim, located northwest of Vvardenfell. These lands were first visited by the players of The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon; The winks and the reinterpretation of original material were insured. However, there was nothing more than an appetizer of the real desires of those fervent of the original work. The shadow of a remastering has always been present in the pools for the most important events of the sector, but nothing further from reality.

It has been with the online experience of Zenimax Online when we have finally been able to return to the Vvardenfell region. To reach this moment the work has gone through a multitude of stages since its launch in 2014. That move from its universe to a genre as demanding as they are the MMORPG surprised everyone, seeing the movement as a way to offer that possibility Cooperative and competitive game that was so much demanded with Skyrim, but that never finished arriving – nor it needed it. To be governed by subscription quotas that allow access to its content was one of the main obstacles for the mass coming from the trunk deliveries, especially if we take into account that the proportion between the playable material and the progression was not well measured either Of the player.

The Wanderings Of Vivec, 700 Years Before

Since then everything has happened in Tamriel. Various adjustments, a multitude of downloadable contents both free and paid, elimination of quotas as a requirement to play, new ranges that increase the ceiling of the high-end, etc. Among the new features is the famous update One Tamriel, which balances the levels of the worlds and enemies to yours to break all the barriers that existed between a first moment, besides allowing the game between players no matter what level they are. This step forward led to one of the main objectives of the game – allowing to enjoy the experience as if it were a solo play – to reach the goal.

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MU Legend Developers Hopes To The OBT Get A Pleasing Effect

For the first Closed Beta Test of MU Legend, and received more than 200,000 pre-registrations. The second Closed Beta Test also get a lot of support. Hence, developers and publishers are hoping to get even more with the upcoming Open Beta Test. If you want to learn more news and guides, tips and videos, reference from here.

MU Legend

MU Legend is pretty damn unique and even challenging. The graphics of MU Legend are very good, WebZen did a great job with the textures, colors, environmentals and combination of region themes and inhabiting critters. Animations are smooth and fluid while particles are average. In a word, the graphics, combat, item drops, character progression, class skills, dailies, rifts and monsters — it all flows and comes together very well.

The UI is smooth, the music is surprisingly good and the boss fights are interactive and fun but not overwhelming. Leveling is also enjoyable, and the ability to lay out different skill setups is also a very good thing. Traveling throughout the world is easy, and interacting with other players brings a level of community to the game that D3 and PoE just don’t have.

The game offers a variety of content for players from several dungeons to a guild system and even an arena. Is MU Legend a game worth playing? At U4GM, you will be able to get what all you want to, such as MU Legend guides, cheats, tips, tricks, screenshots, videos as well as more funny stuff. On top of that, even if MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling, U4GM will adjust to the lowest price.

FFXIV Expansion Bringing A Few Small But Welcome Changes To The MMO

Final Fantasy XIV some patch and expansion bringing a few small but welcome changes to the MMO. In addition, a few more changes have been made to different aspects of the game. The game’s latest expansion: Stormblood, it will also bring some big changes to the MMORPG’s battle system, which you can head over to here to get some changes’ details.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is the latest expansion to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and will require the base game to play. Included in this expansion is also the Heavensward expansion, so if you only have AAR you won’t need to buy the previous one. What’s more, you need to buy necessary Final Fantasy XIV Gil & FFXIV Power Leveling.

In addition to the new Red Mage and Samurai Jobs, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will allow players to swim, and it’s looking like there will be plenty of good scenery to go with it. Now, Final Fantasy XIV and Amazon have teamed up again to give players a chance to obtain batch of cool in-game items.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMOs right now, and you can play it on PC, PS3, and PS4, all on the same servers. The main story in-game is also paced much better than the base game, making each new area feel worth while exploring, it was such a fun gameplay that I totally enjoyed getting lost in.