ESO: New Video Introduces Vivec To Morrowind

If you are a PC or Mac player who has preordered Morrowind, the expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online is already available for a few days in Early Access.

For all others, namely PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, ZeniMax has unveiled what the bonuses will be on June 6th, who will pre-order the expansion. These are included in the Discovery Pack and include a dog like pet, three treasure maps, a Dwarven Crown Crate, two parchments for a boost to experience and a Warden costume, which you can see in the video below. Also, exclusive to PS4 players, another pet comes in the form of a leaping crab.

Not all: ZeniMax has published a new article on the official website dedicated to the three major factions of Morrowind, the Redoran, Hlaalu and Telvanni Houses, to which the Ordinator and Morag Tong are added.

Albion Online Rethinks Its GvG And Evolves Outlands

In anticipation of its upcoming launch, the updated Hector of Albion Online (expected on June 7) is evolving the GvG territories of the MMO, both to encourage guilds to compete and players to evolve in concert.

We remember that initially, Albion Online was to take the form of a real MMO “sandbox” (worn by the well named studio Sandbox Interactive), totally left in the hands of the players and having to leave the handsome guilds. However, the PvP dimension of the MMO is difficult to meet initial expectations (as always, the correct balancing is complex to find to avoid an overpowering guild dominating an entire server, at the risk of frustrating others Players) and the developer agrees to this, to the point that the studio intends to evolve the functioning of the Outlands and the GvG confrontations before the commercial launch of the game. This is in particular the subject of the Hector update, The deployment is scheduled for 7 June.

In a new video development summary, Robin Henkys, Game Director of Albion Online, clarifies the ambitions of the studio.

In particular, the GvG territories will be drastically rethought, both to concentrate activity around Caerleon (the area will host a single and central portal allowing access to the Outlands, in order to favor concentrations of players ) And then to better organize the confrontations of players in Outlands. The portal will allow to reach the different zones of the territories GvG (as many portals that replace the cities and ports of the Outlands, now neglected by the players), classified by level of difficulties or dangerousness (green, yellow or red) In order to balance the confrontations – thus avoiding an overpowering guild dominating all the territories. And the developer goes further by imagining an “anti-zerg” display that will reveal any regrouping of more than ten players on the minimap, so that potential opponents can organize themselves to fight or escape.

In addition, to encourage players to venture further into Outlands, the developer installs attractive rewards – including Tier 8 resources in the watchtower territories.

The studio pursues a twofold objective: first, to encourage clashes between guilds (guilds should be sufficiently attracted by resources to attack these areas and existing guilds should mobilize to defend them, with the support of Watchtowers ), And then encouraging a more coordinated group game by ensuring that harvesters are always accompanied by fighters (some protecting the gathering activity of others).

While waiting to discover the reactions of the players to this evolution of Outlands operation (from June 7th, therefore, after the deployment of the Hector update), the developer invites players to recover and move objects They could have stored in the harbors and black zone cities. As they will disappear (to be replaced by portals), banks and cityplots will also be deleted. Notice therefore to the players who would have items to preserve.

10 Reasons You Should Expect For Madden 18: Part Two

We talked about the five of ten reasons you should expect for Madden 18: Part One, and today, we will went on to the next section, maybe you will think there are so many fun in new Madden 18, but do not worry, more exciting still here, we will introduce another five highlights of Madden 18.

Play Now Live
For whatever reason, the ability to play a game from the real-life schedule with the appropriate depth chart adjustments is something that has escaped Madden. There were two different bullet-pointed features that could mean fans will have this option in Madden 18.
Here’s how the feature descriptions read: “Play Now Live” and “Play the best real world NFL matchups each week.” Those sound like features that mimic MLB The Show’s daily roster exhibition mode. Hopefully, this feature is what it appears to be because it could work even better for a football game where teams play just once per week.
If the rosters are updated to reflect the current depth chart, it could make those weekly Madden simulations a lot easier to set up.

Story Mode
The first trailer for the game reveals a new story mode and if it’s anything like FIFA 17’s The Journey, it could be the best single-player campaign mode in sports video games. EA Sports has always done a good job with these modes. Think back as far as Fight Night Champion’s Champion Mode all the way up to the aforementioned Journey, EA has rarely–if ever–struck out with this kind of mode.
Let’s hope Madden 18’s story mode isn’t the exception.

Online Multiplayer
This is almost certainly a feature for a niche audience, but online multiplayer team-up is something I’ve seen requested on a number of forums over the years. We may never see full 11-on-11 action in Madden, but 3-on-3 could be interesting. A QB, RB and WR/TE with CPU-controlled teammates taking on a D-Lineman, linebacker, defensive back and CPU teammates could be cool.

Target Passing
Someone at EA is reading my mind and my wishlists. I broke down the concept of a revamped passing game in Madden a few months back and the new Target Passing sounds a lot like what I wanted:
” For the first time ever, no longer are you tied to throwing at your open wide receiver. Throw to who you want, in the exact spot on the field with all-new Target Passing, giving you, ultimate control over where the ball is thrown.”
That’s football. It may be difficult to master, but let’s hope gamers give it a chance before dismissing it as too hard.

Coaching Adjustments
This is another broad feature description, but it could be another major gameplay enhancer. “Customize the AI to fit your game plan and make situational changes to your strategy on the fly as the game demands it.” Could this mean situational formation packages that you don’t have to manually adjust every time? Let’s hope so.
And now all of Madden 18’s highlights are finished, Have you seen what you think? Is not it looking forward to the arrival of Madden 18? Madden 18 is coming, and we just need wait a few months. In the meantime, we can finally cherish Madden 17, After all, once Madden 18 launched, playing Madden 17 players will be less and less, and Madden 17 will be not very fun at that time.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind: Guardian Journey

ZeniMax Online Studios has just uploaded a new video for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind and it’s time again to show us the expanses of the next extension Morrowind. Thus, it is the assassin Naryu Viran who continues to guide us and this time, it is with the Wardens that one surrenders.

In the video, we will discover a Warden (guardian) which is the new class that will be playable in the MMO RPG and one can discover the possibilities of it. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will be available on June 6th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Note also that some players will be able to participate in an early access period.

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Mu Legend Became One Of The Most Popular ARPGs In The World

Until now, Mu Legend had millions of players and became one of the most popular ARPGs in the world. Every year, A majority of gamers are eagerly waiting for the release of Mu Legend. The battle of Mu Legend is fluid as well as fun, its crafting system is very similar to Diablo 3 and it is critically important to the end-game. More latest news, recommend you visit here:


Gamers saw Mu Legend in this year, Lineage: Eternal and Lost Ark. The ARPG market’s infusion of fresh blood is coming entirely from Asia. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because these games are all directly competing with each other, which means they are fighting for dominance as the top ARPG in the Asian market. Do you intend to buy Mu Legend Zen?

It’s worth mentioning the game has refined and evolved many of the core features that make ARPGs enjoyable. The game feels like an evolved mix of Torchlight 2, Diablo 3 and Marvel Heroes 2016. This is a good thing. On top of that, MuL takes place in a shard-based mini-MMOG world.

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Albion Online: Camlann For Ever Event In May 12th

The Sandbox Interactive MMORPG better known as Albion Online will soon be entitled to its Francophone community event! So here’s all there is to know for the unfolding of the festivities, which will take place Friday night.


Cammlan For Ever

The principle of this small party is above all to have a good time between friends on Albion Online and to strengthen the bonds of the French community of the game. Then, a small competitive event was obviously designed for the occasion, with beautiful Rewards to the key.

The Festivities

The registered teams will compete under the banner of the different participating guilds and will be composed of two groups:

  • A PvE group of 12 players who will be there to kill the mini boss and ideally the final Raid Boss. Each killed boss earns 2 points for the team, the big boss 10 points and the Raid Boss 20 points.
  • A PvP group of 20 players who will be there to protect the PvE team and do as much damage as possible to the opponents. For the final count, one point will be awarded for each kill in opponents.
  • The field will be Camlann, the appointment will be given around 20:30.
  • The starting points for each team will be drawn 24 hours before the start of the event and all will start at the same time to try to win (see map below).

The Participants

The advantage of the “Camlann For Ever” event is that each team will consist of a streamer. Thus, impossible to miss the party, besides being able to follow it with your favorite players.

The participating guilds are: (list still incomplete, subject to new entrants)

  • The Indyspensable, guild founded by Zerator (no streamer advertised yet).
  • The Bears at Pwal, which you can follow on the chain of ArthEon.
  • The Gobinours with GoBGG, team to follow on its chain.
  • The Gobinours with Bob the Gob and Narkuss.
  • La Teampoulet with XuTV.
  • The Sardoche Army to follow on the chain of Sardoche.
  • The Indy Try Hard, to follow on the chain of Gius.

The Loots

  • PvP Rewards: The team with the most kills will get 32,000 gold coins, the second will win 16,000 gold coins.
  • PvE Rewards: The team with the most PvE points will win 32,000 gold, the second will win 16,000 gold.
  • A bonus will be given to the team that will succeed in bringing down the Raid Boss, who will be offered a personalized guild logo for the exit of the game.

The winners will then be interviewed after the festivities! This event will allow all players, beginners or experienced, to meet together to have a good night and watch the top players compete against Albion Online.

The game will be released on July 17 on Android, PC, Mac and Linux. To join the adventure of Albion, go to the official website of the game.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Great Houses

Employees of Bethesda and the assassin of the guild of Morag Tong – Naryu Virian, continue to introduce players to the addition of Morrowind for the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online. And this time you will have to get acquainted with the three Great Houses (ruling on Vvardenfell) – Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni.

Members of the House of Redoran are adherents of the traditions of fulfilling obligations and piety towards both the family and their clan. And they believe that they are the ones who control everything in Vvardenfell.

The main concern of Hlaalu is business and profit. Members of this House are crafty traders who are able to negotiate with any buyer with profit. They are also excellent masters of stealth, theft, blackmail and blows in the back.

House Telvanni consists of ambitious and arrogant magicians, who do not disdain to eliminate their competitors with rather cruel methods. And members of this House have a disdainful attitude towards human life.

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You Can Pick Your Own Character In Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role gameplay, however, in general, massively multiplayer online role gameplay are rare. After Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was revealed, it’s not hard to imagine that Final Fantasy XIV have been higher widespread appreciation. Do you want to get more latest news? welcome to check out more:


You can pick your own character, your starting class and off you go into a tutorial that shows you the basics of questing. Pick up every quest in sight and you’ll be running around your starting town picking up teleport points for faster travel, gathering gear, learning the difference between main campaign quests, side quests and job quests and collecting lots of helpful pop-up tips that are stored forever in your online help menus to peruse at your leisure. Most gamers emphasis on that the importance of Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

Getting all your classes to level 15 enables you to unlock all advanced jobs as well as learning how each class operates, which is handy for when, during your campaign quests, you’ll sometimes get bottlenecked by having to form a party of 4 players to progress through the storyline. Fortunately FFXIV makes this incredibly easy – just select the dungeon you need to do, make yourself available and the game finds the other players you need, groups you altogether and starts the ball rolling automatically.

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ESO: Morrowind – The System Requirements Needed For PC

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, the latest expansion to MMORPG Bethesda will hit Steam as early as June sixth. We will be able to visit this land once again known to TES III, Morrowind. The question of what equipment is enough to meet the requirements of the game.


What computer will we need to get back to Vvardenfell Island in Morrowind?

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Minimum Requirements

  • System: Windows 7 32-bit
  • Processor: i3 540 or AMD A6-3620
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 460 or AMD Radeon 6850
  • Disk Space: 85 GB

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Recommended Requirements

  • System: Windows 7 32-bit
  • Processor: i5 2300 or AMD FX4350
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 750 or AMD Radeon HD 7850
  • Disk Space: 85 GB

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