The Elder Scrolls Online Home Decorating

Have you owned a home in The Elder Scrolls Online? We all know that the Homestead in ESO allows players to decorate their own home with various of items. Using the Housing Editor to furnish your home is a great idea for our creative players to build a home tailored to your character’s personality. In this article, we’ll tell you some basic informations about how to use the Housing Editor.


Access the Housing Editor

The first one thing you need to know is that how to access the Housing Editor in a home. There are three ways that classified by controllers:

  • Keyboard & Mouse: “F5” key
  • Xbox One Controller: “D-Pad Right” & “B”
  • PlayStation 4 Controller: “D-Pad Right” & “Circle”

While you are in the Housing Editor’s Place, Purchase, Retrieve, or Settings tabs, you can view the House Information. This shows you how many Furnishings you have placed in your home and how many you can place total. Each tier of home can hold a certain amount of items. The item limit is doubled if you have ESO Plus membership. If you lose ESO Plus membership while having more items place than the standard capacity of your home, you can still move items around as long as you don’t remove them.

Things You Can Do With The Housing Editor

Firstly, the homeowner can use the Housing Editor and any visitors who have Decorator permissions have the access to move items in your home. It’s no doubt that players are wondering what the Housing Editor allows you to do. Use the Place tab to select move, store, and place home furnishings features. Eligible items will show a highlight when targeted. Note that if you try to place an item in the safe spot by your front door, it will highlight red and cannot be placed. This is because the entrance to a house is a safe location for visitors who have gotten stuck or lost and need to leave. The furnishings displayed in the Place tab will be pulled from your personal inventory and bank. If you want to remove an item from your home, you can select it and hit Put Away. Nobody other than you as the Homeowner may remove items from your home.

Once you want to know more about all of the currently placed items in the home and their position, come to the Browse menu and visit the Retrieve tab list. Plus, you can buy new furnishings directly from the Crown Store in the Purchase tab with the Housing Editor.


Variety Of Ways To Acquire Items

There are many ways to get furnishings like crafting, purchasing directly from merchants, achievement furnishers, trading with other players, justice gameplay, treasure chests, fishing, trophies from Dungeons, Arenas, and Trials, purchasing a home, and also from the Crown Store.

Items’ Type

There are three types of items that can be placed in homes: Furnishings, Trophy Collectibles, and Other Collectibles. Furnishings are most of the furniture items that you normally encounter, like beds, tables, and chairs. Trophy Collectibles are statue busts that you can receive from completing Veteran Dungeons, Arenas, and Trials. Other Collectibles include your non-combat pets, mounts, and assistants.

If an item in your inventory isn’t showing up in the Place tab, then it may not be a Housing Item. The best way to determine this is to look at the item in your personal inventory and see if it’s sorted into the Furnishings tab. If it is, make sure it’s not a stolen item – those must be laundered first!

With Homestead, you can sit in most chairs, benches, and thrones. When placing them in your home, you need to ensure there is space in front of the chair to allow your character to stand up, and the item cannot be tilted or embedded in terrain or other objects. When placing a chair, you will see a green outline to indicate that it’s in an accessible position. Similarly, crafting stations and placed assistants will display a green outline when being placed in a way that will allow for interaction.


How To Place Furnishings

Place furnishings from your inventory or your bank by accessing the Housing Editor’s Place tab. Your furnishings will be sorted into categories and sub-categories by this tab. If you can’t find a certain item, search terms or collectibles to filter them.

An item will be first displayed in the Preview scene once be selected. This allows you to have a full view of the item before you place it. Then ending the Preview or place the item are depended on yourself.

The object you select can be pushed and pulled from its initial position. After hitting Place, rotate the object on your crosshairs in any direction by taking advantage of your ability bar. You can also use it to align the object to the nearest surface which will help you to place crafting stations and assistants. To prevent items from hovering, use Surface Drag to place an item along the surface terrain.

The Housing Setting Features

In the Housing Settings tab there are General, Visitors, Banlist, Guild Visitors, and Guild Banlist sections. From the General section, you can change the permissions that determine who can access your home and its contents when no other overrides from the other sections exist. From the Settings tab, you can set Default Visitor Access to None, which means nobody can enter your home unless you specifically allow them. Visitor access means that players may enter and interact with furnishings like crafting stations, but they cannot move objects. Decorator permissions means that players may enter the home, interact with objects, and move objects around.

Other Tips

Apart from these guides, there are many trivial tips for home decorating.

  • Some items can be turned on and off, like lights or certain Achievement Furnishings.
  • If you ever get stuck in your home, you can always use the “Go to Entrance” option to escape.
  • Sometimes an item will be hard to pick up, like a painting that’s just a bit too far into the wall, or a rug that fell into the flooring. Use the Retrieve tab to pick up the item, but also note the direction and distance to the item from your position. This can help determine whether you’re targeting the item in front of you or upstairs.
  • If you can’t use a crafting station, chair, or Assistant after it has been placed, make sure that other items aren’t sitting on it or intersecting with it in some way, and ensure that the highlight around the crafting station is green. Chairs need to be placed in particular positions so animations match up with the items.
  • If you’re trying to place a tapestry or painting on the wall, align it to the floor first so it’s upright, then move it onto the wall with Surface Drag turned on.
  • You can use your free Inn Rooms to store extra furniture that you aren’t ready to use in your other homes, or you can set those rooms up as a display room for perspective furniture buyers.

Those are just some of the suggestions we obtain so far according to the official site. We’ll keep you updated with more news regarding the game. There are other guides of the game as well that you can check out on ESO-GOLD. So, stay tuned.

Mu Legend: Fluid And Stunning Hack-n- Slash Combat

Mu Legend is Hack-n-Slash dark fantasy action MMORPG sequel to the original Mu Online, it has fluid and stunning Hack-n- Slash combat, along with deep as well as intriguing world that can satisfy new gamers and fans alike. MU Legend offers spectacular visuals and amazing design with effects. Gamers can easily get more cheap Mu Legend Zen, it’s time to act out.


Rifts have been making an appearance in a lot of different games, and different format, even if the same goal in mind. In Mu Legend, it will give a different experience every time, with different structures to the setup as well as differnt enemies. If you’re exploring outside of a city, you can find rifts pretty easy. More gamers tends to buy cheap Mu Legend Power Leveling by visiting u4gm.

Just open up the map and scroll across it to find a “Rift” marker. Use autorun to go to it and you can enter at these spots, marked by blue space-like areas. If you can group up for rifts, it will make them faster to complete, lower your chances of dying, and let you run them on a more difficult setting. This can be done through manual grouping or through the automatic matcher.

MU Legend’s global OBT will be available in six languages: German, French, Polish, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese and English. This will be the first time a MU game will be available in multiple languages at launch. The last remaining months of development will be dedicated to the fine-tuning of the new features added to the open beta such as the trading NPC, the 3v3 PvP mode and more. Further Mu Legend update, you can focus on:

Albion Current Build For Galahad Based On Veton’s Ideas

In this week, Albion Armory introduce a build, it’s a uiltimate setup for sole PvP play based on its creator Veton. PvP well-know part includes huge battles in the open world, or defending their guild’s territory in a GvG. Nonetheless, a kind of PvP always be forgotten with easily, surprise attacks in the open, in other words, it was also called as ganking. As a guild leader of Grief, Veton has specialized himself in the art of ganking, this following some ideas is about his current build for Galahad.


Equipment: Weapons
Stun Run
Increases your movement speed for a short time and your next auto attack will stun your enemy.
Charges toward an area, dealing damage to all enemies in a 5m radius on impact. Damaged enemies will also be slowed.
Concussive Blow
Deal damage to your target, and slow them slightly for a few seconds. This effect stacks up, and after collecting the third stack you will stun the target while consuming all charges.

Consumables: Food and Potions
Major Healing Potion
Regenerates a percentage of your total health over time.
Increases your casting speed and your cooldown reduction.

Passive: Stunning Strike
The Double Bladed Staff combines crowd control and mobility in a single weapon and both are extremely important for any of your ganks. Two out of three active abilities can stun your target while the last is a huge gap closer combined with a very potent slow. The passive adds in another possible stun. Combined with your Mage Cowl, these skills allow you to easily dismount your victim from any mount except an Armored Horse.

The Double Bladed Staff Assassin
Veton elaborated: based on he try to find the build that workd best in a one-on-one situation or for any kind of ganking, he came up with the perfect solution,The Double Bladed Staff Assassin. Speaking of this build, it possess high mobility combined with great control abilities. Due to its high specialization for short fights and its reliance on a surprise effect to catch people of guard, the Double Bladed Staff Assassin cannot compete once a group skirmish starts.

Last but not least, Veton also put forth more, such as Tips, Tricks, and Combos, more Albion Online relevant news update, you are better to stare at official website:

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Albion New Added Forest Biome And New Territories For Guilds

Albion Online new added forest biome, character emotes, new territories for guilds to fight over, 19 music tracks to make the world feel more alive. To be honest, a complete musical score really can help the the game, after all, it’s not hard to imagine that it improves how a game feels.


Games like this succeeded in giving gamers a sense of achievenment, gamers can possess whole areas, even taking a tax on the economic exchanges taking place within their domain. Fighting between guilds is also encouraged and the recent “Farlands” have been designed so that guilds of equivalent level get on the face as much as possible.

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Stormblood Theme Song And FFXIV’s Some Changes And Improvement

As we know already, Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood will be launched, a series of expansion news details already be announced at Tokyo’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, if you are now curious about its content and release date, you can visit official website to get more:


Speaking of Stormblood theme song, it’s said to that Legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu will return to create the main theme song for Stormblood. Stormblood will also get a packed collector’s edition that includes a copy of the game with special box art by Yoshitaka Amano, a Zenos yae Galvus figure, a Stormblood art book and logo sticker, a cloth map of Eorzea and exclusive in-game items: a Syldra Mount, a Wind-up Bartz Minion and the Chicken Knife. Cheap Gil for sale such as cheapest Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale at

A selection of changes found in the latest Final Fantasy XIV update can be found below:

New High-Level Dungeons: Two new dungeons have been added for adventurers to challenge. Heroes can scale the towering Baelsar’s Wall that separates the Garlean-controlled Ala Mhigo from the rest of Eorzea, and also revisit the sacred grounds of the dragons in Sohm Al (Hard), now in disarray following the defeat of Nidhogg.

New Alliance Raid: The hunt for Diablos continues in Dun Scaith, the latest 24-man raid and follow up to The Weeping City of Mhach. Players will venture to this island created by Mhachi sorcerers, now transformed into a haven for voidsent, with the hopes of vanquishing this powerful foe. Final Fantasy XIV tend to buy FFXIV Power Leveling to get higher level, are you one of them?