7GB NBA 2K17 Patch And More Latest Update

If you have brought NBA 2K17 in real time, without any doubt, you certainly have been playing their 2K for about three months. Nonetheless, it’s no hyperbole to say that three months feels like three years for its three huge patches. Players are worth delighting that cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale.


1.03, for the initial 7GB patch update.
1.04, the first bug fixes patch update.
1.05, for another bug fixes patch update. And now, 1.06 for, surprise, bug fixes update.
1.06, another 7GB Update comes up in new shape and color, means that adjustments were done. Beside NBA 2K17 patch update, and you also need to put much attention to cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC for sale.

In general, first, the Charlotte Hornets pre-game court is now fixed. Second, 2K fixed the indefinite simulating screen that comes when your MyPlayer retired from the accomplishment of 20-year career as they fixed the hanging on MyGM/MyLeague when attempting to sign a new head coach and assistant coach. Next is, the terrible MyTeam glitch that unmarks your tasks uncompleted though it usually is. Last, the MyTeam case that the card was told to be sent in the auction house, though it is not.

In NBA 2k17 1.06, the 7GB also installed some changes on the gameplay. 2K fixed an issue for users who are using 4k graphics on PS4 Pro. Next on MyPark gameplay in summary, they made it harder to do things. Such as checking the ball in the inbound does not assure any steals, plus player should now in the position before having a successful pickpocketing.

They also toughen up the AI in both ways, for fixing the undesired dribble performance, unrealistic skill sets, and now, CPU player could run a better and faster play. 2K also fixed the broadcast camera angle for Milwaukee Bucks, Dallas Mavericks, Sacramento Kings, and Los Angeles Clippers. As a NBA 2K enthusiast, are you expected more NBA 2K17 updates? Are you curious about how can get cheap NBA 2K17 MT?

NBA 2K17 Tricks & Cheats: New Locker Codes Details

Ultimately, as a players of the game, NBA 2K17 will be able to acquire DeMar DeRozan MyTeam Moments Card Code, at the same time, which aslo contains a quick guide on some essential locker codes for starters. Thanks to NBA 2K MyTeam twitter account posted the locker code so as to get the NBA superstar DeMar DeRozan, regarding the code, and it details is as follow. NBA 2K17 Virtual Currency for sale such as cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.


It is, however, worth noting that this code provides a free agent card. This means that the player may not stay with a MyTeam for way too long and will expire eventually. Still, it could be put to good use, especially those looking to boost their standings in the team stats. This is available for every platform, be that on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. On those gaming platforms, it’s also offer cheap NBA 2K17 MT.

For starters, In “NBA 2K17,” some locker codes from the previous “NBA 2K16” still work and the codes are as follows:


If these locker codes aren’t enough to get players started and see the lack of Virtual Coins, another trick can be done, which still works up to this day. For those still wanting more of the Virtual Coins, there’s still a VC farming trick that we’ve covered before.

This involves setting up MyLeague with the historic Bulls as the team chosen. Simcasting the game will bring 200 to 300 Virtual Coins per game and repeating this cycle only takes about 15 minutes or so.

On the companion app for IOS as well as Android, extra VCs can be acquired by playing card games, additionally, it also added a certain limitation per day, hence, this can’t be repeated as much as the first trick above. With respect to more NBA 2K17 tricks and tips, make sure to stare at https://www.u4nba.com.

NBA 2K17 Tips: 8 Basic Tips to Get You Started

If a video game is available on Xbox One and PS4, in that way, there are some nuance, in addition to this, it also needs tricks big as well as small that could improve your overall score, it’s major to expand your ability to find out new items, in other words, and by putting you on the path to victory, however, for NBA 2K17, as a basketball game, it was set to debut on video game consoles new as well as old is stuffed full of nuance. On some official sites are on sale cheap NBA 2K17 MT.


In fact, just diving into NBA 2K17 for the first time can be daunting. That’s especially true if you haven’t picked up a version of the franchise in years or are new to basketball video games in general. Don’t give up on your MyPlayer or adopted team in MyLeague just yet. Some basic NBA 2K17 tips can help improve your experience with Visual Concept’s latest and greatest professional basketball simulation.

MyPlayer has always offered you a huge degree of customization, but the last few entries of NBA 2K introduced face scanning so that users could import their facial structure and really make their player more like them. The feature was cool, but it had some issues. NBA 2K17 allows you to scan your face, but you’ll need to do so by downloading the My NBA 2K17 app for your iPhone or Android device. This year’s game drops support for scanning faces with PlayStation Camera or Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. Are you intend to buy NBA 2K17 MT PS4?

You’ll seriously regret it if you breeze through the MyPlayer creation tools early on. Spend some time there adjusting your custom player’s attributes before rushing into the final mode. Traits that you decide on there have real ramifications for how good your player is at some things on the court. Try adjusting weight, height and wingspans to understand how each attribute works in tandem with the others.

Are you looking forward to get the most out of MyPlayer? it’s undeniable to that you need to make use of NBA 2K MyPlayer without any hesitate, for different character builds, in there, you can get an idea of what kind of player you want to creat. Are you manage to creat a brick wall that nothing gets past such as Shaquille O’Neal? Or, are you intending to create the next Michael Jordan? On some official PC gaming platforms has already sell cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC, you can now action out.

NBA 2K17: Archetypes Available For Shooting Guard Position

NBA 2K17 is big of a success these months. By a large margin, the most popular game mode in the 2K series has been MyPlayer/MyCareer mode, which goes without saying. 2K Sports has dominated the NBA video game industry for several years now, thanks in large part to this feature. When you’re creating your MyPlayer, you’re charged with choosing a position and an archetype.

Are you facing a dilemma to choose best archetype/position combination? It depends on what you’re looking for in the player, but the popular choice for PGs is most likely Playmaker. Shot creator is also another option if you’re not going for threes, but at the end of the day it’s all down to what you feel is right for you.

In MyPlayer mode, players can create a custom player that can be used to play through story and career mode. Each year, the franchise takes their game to the next level with improvements to the story and big name stars as icons in the story.

The mode allows you to create a player in any position and have the flexibility of customizing player measurements and playing style. This article will analyze the various playing styles, or “archetypes”, that can be used and how these styles effect in-game action. We are kicking off the series with the shooting guard position where players will get to choose from five different archetypes.

Archetypes are preset playing styles for created MyPlayers. Selecting an archetype that fits your playing style is crucial and your MyPlayer base stats will default to higher or lower attribute stats in various areas depending on your selection. Below, we will go through the various archetypes available for the shooting guard position so that players can know what to expect when creating their MyPlayer.



For those that want opponents to fear the beard, you may want to consider yourself a playmaker. This archetype will allow the player to be a competent scoring from most areas on the floor, enough so that opponents will have to respect your shot and collapse on any opening you are given. However, a collapsing defense or double team is exactly what you want. A playmaker excels with ball handling and passing, similar to that of a point guard, and is able to swing a pass to a wide-open shooter or cutter for an easy bucket.

For this archetype, any player over 6’0” is probably ideal. Strength and speed will come in to play as you adjust, but your passing abilities will not be affected by size changes. Players can adjust the size of their created player based on playing style and goals for speed or strength.

LockDown Defender

Lockdown Defender.fw

This archetype is probably less popular amongst players as you are essentially setting yourself up to succeed on the end of the court that receives minimal accolades and star attention. In the NBA, very few players are known as lock down defenders. Overall, this player type will afford you a very nice overall player rating to start with as you will receive a boost in most of the athletic ability categories. Your bread-and-butter will be jumping passing lanes and getting steals in order to push a fastbreak offense, hopefully resulting in a score or assist.

The ideal defensive shooting guard should be between 6’3” and 6’5”. At this size, you will maintain a decent speed rating to keep up with the quick-footed slashers, but also have the length to defend shooters. While most of your offensive statistics will be mediocre at best, your athletic ratings will allow you to move fluidly around the court.



This archetype is for players that enjoy driving to the basket and making layups or close range shots, even more so while taking contact. The player will have strengths in the layups and driving dunk categories, but will be relatively weak in outside shooting compared to other players at the position.

When choosing measurements for this archetype, your overall rating will be slightly higher in the 6’2” to 6’6” range. The balance will be finding that perfect height and weight as bigger measurements will provide strength and small measurements will provide speed. Depending on your playing style, you will want to adjust accordingly. As for weight, you may want to raise it if you want a stronger player for physical play and rebounding or a lighter player for speed and agility purposes.

Shot Creator

Shot Creator.fw

Having a player that is capable of finding holes in the defense, or making holes in the defense, can be very convenient during lulls in the game. When your team is struggling to make things happen offensively, a shot creator should be able to assess the defense and find a way to get a decent look at the basket. While these players are somewhat capable of shooting from outside, their strength generally lies in mid-to-close range shots.

The shot creator is pretty much equal in overall ratings at any size. Your player will be in their element when shooting off the dribble and is more likely to make shots in this manner. If you are the type of player that prefers to dribble around with the ball a decent amount, this might be your archetype choice.



2K’s Sharpshooter archetype allows players to fully max out the 3PT Shooting and Mid-Range Shooting attribute groups, as well as earn borderline unstoppable outside shooting badges. Sharpshooters, like Klay Thompson, are shooting guards that like to roam the perimeter and do their damage from outside. By default, these players will be a little less competent driving to the basket than a slasher, but will be very adept from outside.

Measurements for the sharpshooter archetype similarly affect stats like speed and strength, but overall rating will vary less under this archetype based on size. An ideal shooter should be taller to lessen the chance of getting blocked, but the taller shooter will also be a little slower getting to their optimal shooting spots. Anything over 6’0” should be fine, but added height may also help you on the defensive end. More important than attribute ratings for this player will be the shooting stroke. You will need to learn where your player’s “sweet spot” is during the shooting motion to have a better shot at efficiently knocking down long range shots.

Over the years, the NBA 2K franchise has strived to make the most realistic basketball simulation and, without a doubt, their team has done a fantastic job.

Be sure to stay tuned for more “NBA 2K17” news, tricks, hacks, and cheats.

Crimes of Albion Online And Reputation System

It’s safe to say that Albion Online is a MMORPG, what’s more, PvP is one of the core mechanics, it can recover everything has its victim through the full loot. However, aside from some rules of green areas, yellow, red & black on the possibility of attack or not, and loot or not. Many players are dedicated to buy cheapest albion online silver.


The developers decided to incorporate a Reputation system & Crime rate close to that of Ultima Online, reference type. Currently, the game is made so that players tend to shoot on sight the other players as soon as they come in yellow and upper area. Reputation system will allow guilds & solos players reflect on their actions on? Royales, while the hardcore guilds will recede into the Distant Lands where the fittest is the rule.

Glorious reputation

Have a star attached to the nickname synonymous with positive reputation, it is clearly no advantage whatsoever a specific buff or equipment. However, two points should be noted:

Trust: Since the other players can see the displayed level of reputation, they are therefore reassured about the intentions of the player who should not attack them. It’s nice to know that albion online gold for sale.

Greater penalty for additional PK: A criminal who would kill a player with a strong reputation even more would drop his own reputation. So you better think twice before murdering a Glorious Player. Moreover, self-defense is permitted. The player is free to retaliate and kill his attacker without penalizing its reputation for value.

Reputation system

Exclusive to? Royales, the Expeditionary Forces RoI enforce the law and ensure that everyone in either reward or Conversely, punished for interference. Players are limited to gather resources and fight the hostile creatures never attack other players, become model citizens. Those who, instead, attack other players and assassinate them loot their corpses become wanted criminals.

Every good or bad action, changes the value of your reputation. This value is reflected in the statutes that go of Glorious Noble Virtuous Reliable to Infame, Crapuleux, Harmful and feared. Positive titles will be marked with a star and a skull indicate pk players. Note that any action done in Distant Lands not affect in any way the reputation level accumulated in the Royal Lands. For more Albion Online latest news, you can head over to: UPAlbion.com.

Albion Online Update Details: Work, Work

The Berlin-based Spielschmiede Sandbox Interactive, Called Albion Online, it’s reminiscent of online role-playing games,additionally, it is often compared with the former hit” Ultima Online “by fans. In that end, for some virtual currency gold are more attract with players, like albion online gold.


Because the Berlin developers have been inspired by classic RPGs: They look for their personal role and the economy is completely play-driven. There is practically no shop that does not belong to a player. Everything is collected, manufactured and resold in the medieval world itself. There are no classic main missions – you can be a warrior or a dealer. This lets you “Albion” a lot of options open.


Crafting as a central element

You are always looking for wood, fibers, leather, stone or metals. On different maps, the resources have different quality levels – the higher these are, the more difficult are the materials to procure. Once you’ve collected enough, you’ll go back to the nearest city to make the items at the shops. In the beginning, the heavily limited luggage weight is somewhat lame. Often you have to make several trips and buffer the resources on the bank. These are then only available to you at exactly this bank in the selected city.

For glory and honor

For passive abilities, there is the “Destiny Board”: For each activity, you get retreats, which you then use here. Collect fame by forging swords, you can level according to your sword-forge skill in the Destiny Board. Regardless of the work done, your character will increase in the general playing levels. Are you ready for buy cheap albion online silver?

For example, to become a novice, you must simply be active in the game world. The required points for a climb are displayed as targets on the edge. Here is a little routine: collect, craps, collect, craps … Until you have got enough points of fame to be able to carry better to forge or carry.

Online Rolling Games – Fantastic Worlds

The entry into “Albion Online” is somewhat bumpy. After the rather loveless characterization you find yourself in the wilderness again, without equipment and without a plan. The comic graphics of the world is nice to look at, but a bit dated. This is how you begin to collect materials for simple armor. The plays a big role: In the sandbox MMO make clothes actually people.

There are no fixed character classes. Instead, your equipment determines what abilities and attacks you possess and master. As soon as you put on an armor, you decide between different spells. This allows you to change your classes at any time, you are not set to anything. If, after a while, the sword and shield do not suit you, you can still switch to arrows and arrows. In the same way, you can also largely avoid fighting and deal with other aspects. Players are wondering how to buy cheapest albion silver.

The Trailer Of Albion Online: New “Classless Combat System” For Beta Soon To Be Launched

On Monday, as an isometric MMO, Albion online is entering closed beta, and it’s focus on PVP as well as sandboxing in a massive open world. Which is a class and combat system that’s quite interesting, even debuted in a new trailer today, and via what equipment you’re using, it involves your role being selectable and modifiable on the fly. Be reminded of you about albion silver for sale.


There’s been a lot of attempts at this sort of classless system, in MMOs, RPGs and Pen and Paper before. It’s a lot easier in games that don’t involve PVP and therefore less worries about balance. With Albion’s focus in that direction, it’ll be interesting to see how it ends up by the time the game goes live at the start of 2016. They’ve provided some more details on exactly how it will work:

“With the armor, players can choose not only the materials (leather, cloth or plate) the armor is made of but also the weight (light, medium or heavy) to go with each kind:

Heavy armor: better defence although less strength, perfect for the tank style disrupting the enemy lines” As mentioned in the video, there are also different effects based on weapon types. Now it’s time to buy albion online silver.

Light armor: characters receive enhanced abilities but less protection, which is more suitable for assassin’s play style, dealing more damage and avoiding being hit.

It’s no hyperbole to say that all this interacts should be interesting, By accessing the beta, the beta is being sold through Founder’s Packs but no free random option. so we are better to wait its coming. Many players are keen to buy cheapest albion gold.

Regarding Albion Online Switches: Pay-to-Play

On its official forum, A few announcements was released by the Albion Online team, The major news is point out that the game is not longer going to be free after the official launch, since it was supposed to be initially. Why so many players are willing to buy cheap albion gold online.


There are a lot of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) out there. While some of these are actually quite interesting, many are just a waste of precious gaming time. Games such as Imperia Online and Travian did well in the first few years after their launch and a lot of gamers flocked to them, but after a while they became a drag.

Although MMORPG games such as Drakensang Online and Guild Wars are still being played, much of the MMORPG era has been fading. With its latest title, Albion Online, it seems that Sandbox Interactive wants to revive the era once again. For plently of gamers, they have enough chance to get cheap albion online silver.

Albion Online is going to be a medieval fantasy game with a lot of activity. Apart from the obvious fighting between players, there will be economy and base building, character leveling and a lot of exploration.

For now, the game is in its beta testing phase. The testing has been going on for a while now, and according to the post by the development team, it has been extended until August 1, 2016. It seems that the company does not want to take any chances with the game. This could also mean that players currently beta testing are having a good time.

In addition, according to related announcement, the game is going to be pay-to-play toward the success of the bata testing phase. Its title is doing pretty well, Sandbox Interactive has also probably realized that it can risk making the game a subscription-based one. Even if this development will be take into beta testers off consideration, but, it’s going to generate decent revenue for the company. At present, regarding the official released date, Albion Online has not been announced yet, nonetheless, considering the extended testing phases, in the end of 2016, we can expect early access it. It’s nice to know that albion online silver for sale.

Albion Online Functions: Officially Enters Final Beta

Due to Sandbox Interactive has officially wiped Albion Online’s servers, at the same time, it also clean a
released the game’s Final Beta state. However, unluckily, someone who have to start over, especially for for
the 160,000 people who are already playing the game. Without hesitate, it holds true that cheap albion online gold for sale.


Nonetheless, it will be for the betterment of the game as a whole, when it launch in full sometime in
Novermber 2016. For the final beta, it will brings new enviroments as well as a variety of improvements to the game that Founders are sure to enjoy.

Founders will notice improvements to the game’s Destiny Board and a revamped Guild vs. Guild battle system. The game also has two new worlds, the Royal Islands, and The Outlands and both will feature new biomes such as swamps, steppes, and mountains. Players will also have access to newly added Artifact Items like weapons, armor sets, and off-hands. You are enjoying get cheapest albion online silver.

Final Beta also introduces new Reputation and Crime systems that will track player statistics regarding which players act honorably and which ones don’t. Depending on which path a player chooses, the game world will react to them accordingly.

At present, concrete date is not get confirmed, but, Albion Online’s Final Beta will come to an end, speaking
of the game’s official websites, it’s said to that it last for 3 months. Are you eager to buy albion silver?

Albion Online Update: Regarding New Artifacts In The Final Beta

According to German Developer Sandbox Interactive, Berlin, July 21, 2016, they will be dedicated to giving
players of the sandbox MMORPG Albion Online the best possible gaming experience, what’s more, in the Final Beta, it will be add the new Artifact Items, which is another proof.


These special items give players a new type of powerful equipment – each with a distinctive look, unique
abilities and spells embedded in them. That doesn’t just mean more valuable loot in the PvE zones. It means a whole new way to increase a player character’s power and versatility. Some players follows the belief that
cheap albion silver for sale, totally truly.

When the Final Beta goes online on August 1 st, 18 of these Artifact Items (10 weapons, 2 off-hands, 2 amor sets) will be available for players to craft. But Sandbox Interactive already has more in store for their
players. As time goes by, the developer will stock up and give players a total of 81 Artifact Items.

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, set in the medieval fantasy world of Albion.
Whether playing a hardened fighter, a farmer, a merchant or a master craftsman, in the player-driven world every single weapon and every single building is created by the players. Are you decide to buy cheap albion gold?

Thanks to a “you are what you wear” system free of typical class restrictions, a skilled archer can
instantly become a powerful mage, and the players define their own role within the game world. PvE, PvP or the battle guild vs guild, every action in the game has a meaning … as well as consequences. PvP battles in the danger zones of the game world are a “winner takes all” affair. Albion Online is the first PC game to enable the exact same experience on tablets.

Sandbox Interactive is an independent game development studio founded in January 2012 and is based in Berlin, Germany, currently employing 37 full-time programmers and designers on their cross-platform sandbox MMO Albion Online.

In accordance to Sandbox Interactive, it holds true that creat your own world as well as interaction with
other players are paramount to entertainment, on top of that, that these ideas are truly brought to life in
the sandbox genre. Now that they are making a game with compelling gameplay as well as the player’s experience squarely in the foreground. More and more gamers are dedicated to buy cheap albion gold.