Month: December 2014

Paul McCartney Talk Destiny on The Daily Show


Watch Paul McCartney Talk Destiny on The Daily Show Legendary musician appears on Jon Stewart’s show to talk about his new song, “Hope for the Future.” Legendary musician Paul McCartney of Beatles fame appeared on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show last night to talk about, among other things, “Hope for the Future,” his song for ….  Read More

Destiny Suffered Little Trouble, The Players Were Locked PS4.

DestinyCheap power levelingDestiny

Destiny recently run into some minor trouble, According to complaints on Reddit. Some Destiny players are finding themselves locked out of their game after purchasing downloadable content The Dark Below. According to several players, the entire game is blocked off post-purchase on PlayStation 4 by a countdown timer ticking off to the DLC’s release. User ….  Read More