The Dark Below-Destiny Expansion I

Bungie has announced that The Dark Below, Destiny’s first expansion — or, “Expansion I” — will be released on December 9th, so, What’s in store for players? come to look:

 Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Will be Released on December 9th - See more at:

  • New weapons, armour and gear
  • A new Light Level cap of 32 with 5 additional Bounty slots
  • New story quests and missions revolving around a new character Eris and the Hive
  • A new co-op Strike called The Will of Crota (with a second co-op Strike, The Undying Mind, exclusive to PlayStation gamers for a year)
  • Three new competitive multiplayer arenas: Pantheon, Skyshock, and The Cauldron
  • And a new six-player Raid called Crota’s End.

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Will be Released on December 9th - See more at:

Bungie says the expansion will cost £19.99 standalone or £34.99 for a bundle that includes this expansion plus Expansion II. We’ve included a few of the new screenshots and concept art pieces below.

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The Evolved Destiny The Dark Below Weapons

Are you tired of the old weapons of Destiny?If so, Let’s learn how to evolve Dark Below weapons of Destiny. New Exotic and Legendary Upgrade Materials from The Dark Below will allow you to upgrade Common weapons into Exotic weapons. Find out how in the video above by!

The Evolved Destiny The  Dark Below Weapons

Here are some new evolved materials from The Dark Below:

Crux of Crota (Exotic material)
Their god is now our power.

Embalming Orb (Legendary material)
Stolen from a Hive chamber, what this tiny orb represents is unknowable and terrifying. Used to upgrade weapons of Hive origin.

Runed Core (Legendary material)
A weapon core inscribed with unsettling Hive sigils. Used to upgrade weapons gifted from Eris.

Radiant Energy (Legendary material)
The light of particle-antiparticle annihilation, trapped in a stasis capsule.

Radiant Shard (Legendary material)
A primordial singularity frozen on the edge of evanescence.

If you want to get more detailed ways to envolve your weapons,choose Destiny power leveling.

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Have a perfect team chemistry is very important in FUT15

If you want to build a team in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mode, you should be similar with the chemistry which is the necessary factor to enhance team power. No matter the player’s personal chemistry or the team’s chemistry, they all affect your team’s performance. Therefore, to own a perfect chemistry team is very important in FUT 15.

How to increase the chemistry? There are three factors you should take consideration:fifa guide

1. You should put the player’s position correctly.

Position values
· Wrong Position (GK @ ST) = – 4
· Unrelated Position (LM @ LF) = 0
· Related Position (CM @ CDM) = 2
· Correct Position (CB @ CB) = 3

2.The relationship between players.
Link values between FUT Player
Nation = 1
League = 1
Club = 1

3. Manager Chemistry
Manager and loyalty bonuses are still present.
Manager Bonus = +1 individual chemistry for matching player league or nation with manager.
Loyalty Bonus = +1 individual chemistry for packed players, or players with 10+ games played.
Formula to calculate in-game chemistry: (Individual Chemistry * 0.75) + ((Team Chemistry/10) * 0.25))

This first step is vital if you’re playing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team as a squad with 100% chemistry rating means that all your players will perform better on the pitch and this only means great things all-round.
In-game chemistry is based on a weighted average of individual and team chemistry, with the weighting 75%-25% respectively. Therefore (and as an example), a player on 10 individual and 100 team chemistry will receive a greater boost from chemistry than the same player on 10 individual and 70 team chemistry.

When your squad is normal, you can get goal through defensive and back fight. As long as you own great defensive ability and chemistry that you can win! To fight back we need a efficient and fast striker.

If you like to attack, you can choose 3-5-2 formation which make you get goal crazy.While, when you are attacking, you should have strong defender ability and the midfielder has a strong control ability so that opponent can’t get chance to strike back.
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Play offline
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Playing offline also allows you to test the chemistry and formation of your team so that you can know the best players to use. You also get to know the players that you should consider selling.

Make use of fitness cards
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Sell the gold squad
Here you need to buy an entire team of 11 non-rare gold players. You should ensure that you buy each player for a price that does not exceed 350 coins. You should also ensure that each player has seven contracts.

Once you have all the players, you should start playing games until the contracts of all the players run out. You should then discard all the players by selling each player for 350 coins.You make money by playing the games. If you win all the games you will make up to 5,000 coins.

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While you select your Ultimate Team, you can discover the captain and cards. This is the start of the game and the limitations too in playing the game, as you become confined into the situation with the cards, where detailed of the team structure and the advantages you can obtain are mentioned.

With the start of the game, your players take different policies in order to tackle two defenders. It might be an attacking policy or a defending policy. Whatever the policy the players adopt, it should be effective in making use of the chances that leads to win the game. The team is awarded with the whining, which ensures the stronger position of the team too. Therefore, defeating the next team in a tournament becomes greatly possible to the winning team. In this way victory over victory comes.

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