People would just buy WOW power leveling

It wasn’t a surprise to learn that Blizzard would be selling an identical boost via WoW’s in-game store, but the price turned heads: $60.

As for the price, Blizzard knew people would just buy WOW power leveling account and transfer the free level 90 over, so the $60 price tag while it seems arbitrary, it removes the need to dick about with people making new accounts and transferring over chars to do it causing bloat in the database.

But then if they had sold it for $10 or $20 nearly everyone would of used it as why play all the old content when you can jump past it all for next to nothing. so it would increase the number of people taking it up so the lower price point would probably get them more money on the long run.

Where with the $60 price tag it will make people actually think about it before going for it, meaning it will probably be relegated to people who are desperate to change class for example to fill a gap in a raid group or the people with more money than sense.

But in the long run the $60 price tag will discourage a lot of people and the people who aren’t discouraged by it would have only done it with a second account anyway and in reality blizz could of made more money by forcing people to buy a second account up to WoD for the free level 90 then transferring it over to the old account.

So I do think they have found a reasonable balance as a lot of people complaining about the price are saying it is too expensive and if anything that just shows it is working to limit the amount of people using it as they are actually having to think about the price.