Hot like the summer Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV excited: the realm of rebirth reached a fever pitch as it approaches the August 27 release.

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Final fantasy 14 international clothing tips

After two weeks of testing, in general the 2.0 version done a good job, there is no difficult place, even beginner can be started smoothly and don’t speak Japanese. Task location in the game had obvious hints, also has a convenient transfer system, there are lovely ostards help mobile. In general, in addition to a team without any not convenient place (will, of course, a team of Japanese English can be very convenient). Talk about the game there is no other character level, only the class level, for example now career is spell division, for example, the current level 20, illusionists rank 1, switching careers to illusionists then your grades will only have 1.

First talk about the task for system, the task is divided into three categories, the main line and branch line, professional tasks, task CARDS (should be able to separate a class = =). Done really take care of the couple, the task of the system of every task will tell you in the game of a system using the method, such as crystal transmission, transmission, wild night at home, the servant and so on. And task to obtain accurate calculation, after the experience value is the task of each level are just will allow you to ascend to the next level, and task in a couple of FATE on the way to upgrade faster.

For now, said several difficult task strategy method. One, the main line, 14 task, everybody should be here the first encounter difficulty. Mainly is to make all of the game have a basic grasp of the battle, if you just make a basically pass away. Why is the basic is not absolute, the following task strategy will say 1 to o (╯ / ╰) o Task in two parts, the first part is ou, no difficulty, the second part is the beginning, mainly makes a summoning, then the man in a mask. Summoning HP to about one 5 of reinforcements. Then could easily.

Strategy 1 – equipped suppressed, why is the equipment not level? Because this kind of task would limit level, but it will not be affected, equipment with high-grade equipment in with a few antidote what medicine can easily. 2 – this strategy depends on the degree of understanding of the game. 10 career after the completion of the task can make, if not, the countries will lease the land a ostards ran the sen, here to change your job illusionists, illusionists level 2 can be learned response prevention, physical damage in a lower grade 8 can be acquisition of magic (the duration is 30 minutes, with future missions strategy is also very helpful), with this magic the task is little difficult, antidote, of course, let’s take one or two.

Second, the vocational level 15 task, because we play the spell so only speak this said. The task need to let everybody understand the class and related skills to use, the correct use of words is no difficulty. Strategy: the first step is the purpose of this task to the designated location specified items, therefore have extra needless fight. In front of the enemy is archer 4 people, two people can kill one by one. Note if the enemy to their increased after the attacks and crit BUFF with magic to let him sleep sleep, and then give yourself with blood. Behind both archers use magic to sleep the sleep, ran to get things directly. And then began to fight in the second stage. The second phase to avoid fighting himself alone in the face of the enemy. At first the lucky E gave he went to sleep, put an NPC that his aborted. Then there would be no difficulty, less blood NPCS will help you.

Third, the main task level 20, inflammation yves god. This is a copy for 4 people team, the difficulty is not high, the key is to look at the coordination and operation. Strategy: the first is a team. Can rent to others, also can let other people set themselves. Because team only has four people, so suggest team members, 1 t and 2 DPS, 1 reply. One phase is very good, playing without difficulty. BOSS HP50 % the following begin to enter the second stage, the BOSS will look in the eyes of the first call to a pact, this must give priority to abort, if the time limit not abort, BOSS of the flame will seconds off all hell, wipe directly. After the abortion, hell fire should be about a quarter of the blood, the milk will give T reply, other three drugs monthly bleeding. This process must be fast, because the BOSS is range skill set on to the next. Range skill damage is very high, largely in the dying, also good attack the ground attack range, must Sun Su escape, do not increase the nurse pressure (props h. CD for a long time, about 1 minute or so = =), otherwise it is easy to wipe. Avoid attack several times after the BOSS and will continue to recruit, or it is good to avoid attention, repeated several times, you can see the dawn of the victory.

Four, finally, ostards task, the task is to get its own exclusive ostards task, don’t miss oh. Strategy: this task is very simple, yves in later, will let you choose to join an alliance, to join the league of later will appear next to a straight line task, let you give a ostards, ostards vouchers need to use for a vote of 1000 army, there are two main ways get way of the vote, is a kind of scheduling tasks (like that name). This to get the ticket is less, the second is to FATE, this can get a the army of more than 200 votes, will soon be able to raise 1000. Then say FATE system. FATE is the random events on the map, generally have submitted items, mixed weapon in qing dynasty, the BOSS this several. Participate in time can get a good reward, including experience value, game currency and the ticket. In FATE must pay attention to the FATE level don’t and your level of plus or minus above magnitude 5, otherwise there is no reward. Location of FATE, type, rating has prompt information map.

Finally, career. Professional is divided into combat career and life two clock each contain more than one job. Combat professional include: sword warlock, bow warlock, dragon knight, such as life career, including: the alchemist, tailor, gardener, etc. Professional just as its name implies is to combat the relevant professional combat, a strange upgrade, dozen copies on the career. Life career mainly production, mining career, can be advanced production equipment, advanced props, can let you don’t have to have fun and professional equipment. These are your initial career after 10 levels, the corresponding professional task finish can be turned. Of course some senior career in the game, transfer method is as follows:

Senior staff as a way to transfer confirmation.

Night fencing level division illusion 15 above 30 centimeters of above

Neither fighter more than more than 30 QiangShu 15 levels

Warrior ax surgery division level 15 above 30 centimeters of above swordsmanship

Dragon knight gun warlock levels more than 30 kinds of fighter, 15 levels

30 cm above and archery enliven the 15 above magic sorcerer

White magic Taoist magic sorcerer above 30 a variety of fencing 15 levels

Black magic magic Taoist 30 cm above 15 above a gladiator

Summons and the art teacher??? More than 30 cm above 15 levels

Scholars and art teacher??? More than 30 cm above 15 levels

Now that’s all, a reference to haven’t played, countries should also have access to. In addition, the enclosed figure a couple of games, live from FF14 screenshots:

 Final fantasy 14 international clothing tips

 Final fantasy 14 international clothing tips


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FFXIV:10 story missions

Are you interested in understanding more about  FFXIV Power leveling

1. When arriving at 10 levels, the role a weapon skill level can accept new story missions to adventurers hall

2. Open the task menu to find the class quest task. According to the display. We will go to look for NPC Is Y \ ‘shtola

3. In the tip position into the plot meet the arrival of Y \ ‘shtola, enter hint. Select yes of course..

4. End of the story, according to the task, find or adventurers hall boss let us go back to reply. (that is, the person answering the task)

5. Talk to the boss. Enter the plot. According to the boss. Looking for the next NPC: waekbyrt.

6. Find waekbyrt dialogue with them.

7. According to the task tip into the next position into the plot.

8. Continue to plot in the boat.

9. After the dramatic dialogue. Based on the task to the next scene, due to the short timeframe so behind each mission continue to view the task after the prompt map steps away. Only do some important supplement and images.

10. To map out a beacon of position into the plot.

11. Talk to little sister. And then move to return

12. Return and cat sister dialogue. And then into the plot. Go to the basement. Found 2 cats. Then back upstairs

13. Come back to see two elder sister in warfare. What didn’t you actually. Finally see the task to the process

FFXIV’s A Realm Reborn will be ‘scalable’ for next-gen consoles

ffxiv530pxheaderimg13515 FFXIVs A Realm Reborn will be scalable for next gen consoles

When Final Fantasy XIV’s A Realm Reborn launches later this year on PC and PlayStation 3, each version will represent a scaled version of the game’s highest settings. But with talk of next-gen consoles getting louder and louder, does it make sense to stick with the PlayStation 3? Square-Enix producer/director Naoki Yoshida thinks so, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t prepared for the looming next generation of game consoles.

“The biggest thing is because we promised we’d release on PlayStation 3, and there are still a lot of players out there waiting for us to release a PS3 version. Before we talked about losing the trust of the playerbase with the original release of XIV and getting that trust back. One of the things to get that trust back is to fulfill our promises. That promise being that we’d release on the PlayStation 3,” Naoki said in a group interview today at Gamescom. “That doesn’t mean we’re not looking to the future. We realize that things will be coming, and then making the game compatible for these systems is something we’re currently thinking about,” he added.

Of course, “Until Sony and Microsoft actually make an announcement,” he said, “we can’t make an announcement.” Yoshida said that his team’s flexibility with FFXIV is due to the game’s new engine. “With this new engine, it’s very scalable. It runs on low-end PCs and high-end PCs. So when new technology comes out, we can easily scale it to that high end.”

Yoshida went on to show the game running on a colleague’s Sony Vaio laptop sporting a Core i5 processor. While the graphics were scaled down for the lower-end specs, the game still ran smoothly and looked quite impressive. “This is at about 70 percent optimization,” he added.

FFXIV’s A Realm Reborn will launch on both PC and PlayStation 3 “this year.”

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FFXIV:A Realm Reborn beta planned for this fall

img5495 FFXIV servers shutting down ahead of relaunch, A Realm Reborn beta planned for this fall

Final Fantasy XIV players, take note: Your days are numbered. Er, at least your days spent in the original FFXIV world. When the game’s rebirth, called A Realm Reborn, occurs later this year, the game’s servers will be taken offline. Rather than overlap the two versions of the game, Square-Enix director/producer Naoki Yoshida says the original servers will be taken offline “some day in the near future,” precipitating an alpha and then a beta for the game’s relaunch later this year.

“Basically what’s going to happen is that the current story is still continuing now, but some day in the near future — and we’ll make sure we tell the players what day that is — something is going to happen in the story, and at that time, the servers are going to shut down,” Yoshida told us in a group interview this morning at Gamescom.

The reason for the shutdown is less thrilling than you might think. “Basically the player data will be taken over into the new game. So, to convert all this new data for the new systems, we need a certain amount of time to do this. There’s so much data, so many thousands of characters that we must do this for. And so we have to shut down the servers,” he said.

Yoshida was quick to point out that players will have plenty of warning ahead of the shut-down (consider this your first heads-up). He also notes that the original game’s userbase will be prioritized in A Realm Reborn’s beta queue and that players will “be able to use their current characters in the beta test as well.” Though that may not be at the kickoff of the beta, he says, “We’re working in a way to try to get it as close to the beginning of the beta test as possible.”

A Realm Reborn is headed to both PlayStation 3 and PC later this year.

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Generating a wow factor in FFXIV

The more I see about Final Fantasy XIV’s relaunch, the more anxious I get.

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If there’s any doubt remaining in the minds of others, let me be entirely transparent: I’m a big fan of Final Fantasy XIV. Wonders never cease, I know. To say that I’m looking forward to the new version is pretty much irrelevant. Of course I’m going to play it when everything changes over; I’m playing it now and would continue to do so even without the promise of rebirthing realms.

But while I was discussing the game over dinner with Ms. Lady a few nights ago, she said something that struck me as very relevant: “It’s going to need to really be awesome to pull me back.” And she has a point. I’m getting a bit anxious because the new version thus far seems to set the bar at a very respectable level that’s still nowhere near as high as it needs to be, and I wonder whether it’s even possible to hit the mark it needs.
ffxiv moglog wowfactor 1 epl 920 Generating a wow factor in FFXIVHigh water and low tides

When FFXIV launched just about two years ago, no one would or could deny that it had some seriously frustrating elements. It had some brilliant elements as well, but those were easily lost amidst a sea of questionable design decisions and frustrating choices. I’ve gone on record as saying it’s not as bad as some would claim, but I’ll just as happily go on record as saying that this stuff should have been caught before launch, and could have been, too, but admonishments in that department are long since useless.

Since then, a lot of people have moved on. And I do mean a lot. When FFXIV failed to provide the home that people were looking for, they went in other directions. Not surprising, really; we’ve seen some big titles launch in recent years, each of which hits some of the angles that FFXIV promised while delivering a more polished overall experience.

The trailers we’ve seen for the new FFXIV are certainly a lot better. But so far, none of them provides a compelling reason to go back to FFXIV for those who’ve left, and that’s problematic. The game looks solid in the trailers, but it’s not one that blows other games out of the water or offers a compellingly unique experience.

Naoki Yoshida has acknowledged this. He’s said outright that he doesn’t want to show off a lot of gameplay trailers at the moment because the game on display seems to be mostly on par with other MMOs rather than something unique. The problem is that all of the materials we’ve seen from the development staff are pushing the angle that the game is just another MMO.

Developers talk about adding quests into the game as the main content path as if this were some new development instead of the industry standard for nearly a decade. There’s talk about having a single global cooldown that changes the combat system — again, an innovation that has existed everywhere forever. It’s heady stuff if your exposure to MMOs is confined to Final Fantasy XI and FFXIV, but otherwise, it all feels like a rundown of the same old song and dance.

I believe that Yoshida gets this. But I’m also not sure where the next stage comes in because this is all stuff that should have been in the game when it launched two years ago.

ffxiv moglog wowfactor 2 epl 920 Generating a wow factor in FFXIVThe shock factor

The funny part is that Yoshida has his angle laid out for him. The new version is supposed to feature housing, pet breeding, intricate crafting and gathering… you know, things that a lot of players have been hoping to get out of games for a long while now. The idea of marrying that to a quest-driven experience, of recognizing that these two elements aren’t at odds with one another — that’s something. That’s a worthwhile target to aim for.

We’ve heard nothing about that.

In fact, as far as we know, a lot of the game is going to play out almost exactly the same as the current version with jumping and quests. We’ve been told that the combat system will change, but we’ve heard nothing to indicate that Gladiator A will be any different from Gladiator B with the same cross-class skills. I can comfortably list everything we know about housing for sure in three words, four if I add a qualifier to the statement.

For me, that’s all right. I’d like to see things like better specialization options for the classes, but as I said before, the game doesn’t need to sell me on anything. I’m already playing. The people whom Yoshida needs to sell on the game are the people who have either moved on or been warned off. And that is honestly not good.

Back during the original beta, we were repeatedly promised that we weren’t seeing the whole game, that there was awesome stuff waiting in the wings. But none of that supposed awesome stuff ever got hinted at beyond a promise that it exists. And while we’re getting a lot of promises that there are awesome features in the new version of the game, what we’ve seen is… stuff that should have been in the game at launch.

That’s not going to cut it. Having a smooth and coherent set of quests combined with housing and crafting isn’t going to make people look up as they’re playing games that already have those features. Why, exactly, should someone choose to play FFXIV instead of anything else in the world?

You and I are the converted. We’re going to play FFXIV because we like FFXIV. But anyone who wasn’t already sold on the game has no draws beyond “it’s not a mess.” Anyone scared off already has to be given good reason not to come back, and so far the only thing shown off is that the game has reached the level at which it should already be. I’m happy to point out that there are a lot of former bad systems that are no longer in place, but I have yet to see anything that I can point to be as being new and uniquely good. And that’s problematic.

Two years of spinning wheels in Final Fantasy XIV

Has it really been two years since Final Fantasy XIV launched? My collector’s edition box was purchase two years ago, and I wrote my last anniversary column a year ago, so I guess it must have been. And yet I still don’t feel as if it’s actually happened yet.

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You’ll note that last year’s column was mostly about what happened as a result of the game’s launch. That wasn’t by accident. Launch led to a massive restructuring of the game’s design team, and not too long after the one-year mark, the team announced that it was basically remaking the game from the ground up. That fact has dominated the past year, and it’s impossible to overstate the importance that announcement has had for the Final Fantasy XIV community. Everything circles around the promise of 2.0 these days.

What has that meant for the actual years of the game’s operation? Sadly, nothing good. The game has made huge strides, but we as players have been stuck in a nasty little loop.

ffxiv moglog anniversary 1 epl 927  Two years of spinning wheels in Final Fantasy XIVWhen the game’s launch turned into what amounted to an endless free trial, it didn’t take long for players to draw the obvious conclusions. Some people were sure that it was going to fold in a matter of months; others thought it was going to be more or less scrapped and redone. That turned out to be close to the truth: Not long after we hit the two-year mark, we were treated to our first previews of what would eventually be dubbed A Realm Reborn. (I’m not a big fan of the subtitle, but that’s neither here nor there.) This was to be the apotheosis of all the patches that the new development team had been working on, a new game with the same name.

Of course, the result is that the game right now is a set of training wheels. We’re playing in the prequel to the real game, the one that comes before people get to play what Naoki Yoshida seems to consider the game as it should have been at launch. And that makes the past two years feel just a bit pointless.

It’s not that we’re going to be losing progress at all, as we’ve been told repeatedly. But everything is changing, and as soon as you get used to the current round of changes, everything is changing all over again. One week battle mechanics work in a certain fashion, and the next they’re all different and you have to relearn how to play all of your classes. Then jobs come out, and you had to relearn how to play again. Then there are point allotments that you need to learn about now because they matter a whole lot, to the point that your level 50 Gladiator is hitting with a wiffle bat unless you spend those points properly…

To be brief, it’s been two years now that the game has been in a heavy state of flux. And the improvements have been great, and they’ve brought the game much closer to realizing those core elements that the game had when it roped me in with the beta. A lot of irritations have been stripped out, and a lot of cool bits have been added, so I’m more fond of the game now than ever.

But… there’s still this sense that we aren’t really playing the game just yet. We’re getting closer to the game’s finished state, but it’s still in testing and development, and maybe next week you’re not going to be able to do something you enjoyed any longer. I personally got to walk through Gladiators being a useless class to being the tanks to end all tanks, and I got tired of relearning what I was doing every week pretty quickly.

ffxiv moglog anniversary 2 epl 927  Two years of spinning wheels in Final Fantasy XIVIt also makes it really hard to say whether or not you like the game. With the pace of major patches filled with new content and new mechanics, an element you like this week might not work next week. I think all of the changes have been pretty positive (I don’t think tanking is fun, but it’s certainly less awful now), but I know some people who have hated them. Heck, I know people who hated the first wave of crafting revisions, complaining that the system was being dumbed-down to the level of World of Warcraft’s crafting.

These people have clearly never played World of Warcraft. I digress.

Right now, the game is an endless cycle of waiting for what comes next. Players aren’t making plans for what to do in the game right now; they’re making plans for what to do with the game when it relaunches. And why not? Everything we see is about a cool feature coming out soon, not about what’s awesome in the game right now. We’re actively encouraged to look forward instead of focus on where we are.

The net result is that after two years, it’s hard to have an emotional attachment to the game itself. I’ve got a lot of emotional investment in my character and the things I’ve done with her, but the game itself is stuck looking so far forward that it loses sight of the present. I know what’s coming down the road, but I don’t have a clear picture of where we’ll be in a week.

I like what I’ve seen of this game. I enjoy the world and the setting. I’m really hoping that after two years, sometime soon I’ll get to actually play in the game instead of the endless ramp-up.

Final Fantasy XIV Relevant picture poster

FFXIV Art 5 Final Fantasy XIV Relevant picture posterToday Square Enix broadcasted  the sixth installment of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live webcast, starring Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida as he responded to quite a few questions from the fans, read by Community Manager Toshio Murouchi.

Square Enix President and CEO Yoichi Wada also attended for a moment at the beginning to specify that while he’s leaving his position (apparently he’s still going to work for Square Enix), nothing will change for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, as Yoshida-san already stated a few days ago.

Besides responding to the questions  Yoshida-san displayed quite a few pieces of artwork for the game (that you can see at the beginning of the gallery at the bottom of the post) and traveled the housing zone of Limsa Lominsa, and the areas around both Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah. You can also find quite a lot of screencaps of these in the gallery for those that missed the event, since it was streamed at the usual ungodly hour for a large part of the western world.

I have to say that the housing zone looks absolutely lovely, just like the ferry port that will let us travel between the two city-states. The overhaul of the area is definitely fantastic, and I can’t wait to see it in the actual game. Of course the initial sequence reproducing the opening of Final Fantasy VI with a green-haired Terra-like hyur riding a Magitek armor (including the appropriate but remade music track) was also quite unforgettable.

But without further ado, below you can read all questions and answers, with the official translation courtesy of the FFXIV community team.

Q1: In 1.0, the battle music changed based on what area you were in. Are there any plans to do something similar in ARR?

A1: In ARR, each area is tied to a certain musical instrument. While the battle music will be the same, it will have a different feel to it because of the different musical instruments it will be played on.

Q2: For Beta Test phase 3 you’ll be introducing PS3, as well as Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa, but are there other elements that will be added?

A2: We are planning to add free companies, guildhests, expanding FATE, early stages of the main story, and more dungeons.

Q3: Could you tell us any new information about the specs for the Armoury (Referred to as the “Armoury Board” previously)?

A43: I thought about if there was anything I could tell you, but basically I had to decide between ease of understanding and convenience, and since I decided on convenience the explanation is going to get quite difficult. To give you a simple idea, it’s like a single macro switch. We’d like you all to try it out in Beta Test phase 3, so please be sure to try it out.

Q4: Are there any plans to implement open world content other than FATE?

A4: While FATE will be the only open world content, there are plenty of aspects of FATE that we have not released. Please stay tuned!

Q5: Could you show us any other limit breaks other than the meteor?

A5: While the limit break system will be available from phase 3 of the Beta Test, we’re currently working on a FF-like trailer to highlight the limit break system. Please stay tuned

Q6: Could you show us how Coerthas and Mor Dhona look in ARR?

A6: Both Coerthas and Mor Dhona will be high-level areas in ARR. You will be able to feel the destruction of the Seventh Umbral Era and the presence of the empire. In addition, the weather will change drastically as you get closer to Ishgard. You will also be able to find dragons within the dungeons.

We are planning to release a trailer in the future so please stay tuned!

Q7: It was mentioned before that we could design linkshell and free company crests by putting together different segments, but can you show us what kind of options there will be?

A7: [Showed an image of the various crests]

After the questionnaire Yoshida briefly introduced a promotional stage event that will be held during Nico Nico Chokaigi between April the 27th and April 28th, featuring a collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Windows 8. The Event will include a customized booth to showcase the game, miqo’te make-up sessions and the introduction of one of the voice actresses. Yoshida-san will also be present together with Masayoshi Soken, that will compose music on the spot.

If you’re wondering about the identity of the voice actress in this picture, she’s the extremely popular Rie Tanaka that originally lent her vocal cords to one of the Female Miqo’te voices in the first installment of Final Fantasy XIV. You’ve probably heard her before in a  multitude of anime series like Gundam Seed, Air Gear, Hayate no Gotoku and many others. Looking at this picture, showing a rather thick script for A Realm Reborn, we can see her autograph on the top right, with the character name hidden by tape, so we can pretty much guess that she’ll play a major role in the new game.


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Before the start of the preparation:Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

What The Heck Does “Spiritbond” Mean?

There is one last thing I want to cover because this kept coming up while I was playing and the game didn’t get around to explaining it to me for ages: Spiritbond. On each piece of equipment your character wears, you’ll notice another bar along the side of the durability gauge on the left. As you fight/gather/craft while wearing these pieces, this gauge will slowly fill up. When it finally hits 100%, you’ll get a message telling you that your equipment is now 100% Spiritbound and is eligible for conversion. No other information beyond that like what Spiritbound means or what you’re converting to – that’s it. You’ll keep seeing this and wondering what it means. Everything will become clear once you hit level 19 and talk to some NPCs at Mutamix’s camp. If you’ve been keeping up with your story quests, you’ll get the breadcrumbs to come out here; otherwise it’s north of Ul’Dah.

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241582 Before the start of the preparation:Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

When you get there and make your way through all of the quest dialog, you’ll find out that Spiritbond is related to Materia, another system in FFXIV. The conversion the Spiritbound message kept mentioning is the process of turning equipment into Materia to socket in other pieces of gear. Think of it like Disenchanting in other games, but you’re getting a gem out of it with stats related to the piece you’re destroying.

Now that you’ve burned some old gear for Materia, the question is: what do you do with it? Having Materia and a piece with open sockets isn’t enough – you need the proper training to socket an item and that means crafting classes. Want to socket a sword? You’ll need a Blacksmith. Trying to put Materia in your cloth robes? Time to find a Weaver. You can do this all yourself of course, provided you have the appropriate level in the crafting class. Another thing to note is the level of the item you’re dickering and the Materia being used. Try putting a higher level Materia in a lower level item and the stats will drop. This can be kind of annoying at first, especially since many of the pieces you’ll have around that level will drop Materia stats to 0, but I’d imagine things get better with higher level drops than the mishmash of dungeon drops and crafted gear I was using.

241584 Before the start of the preparation:Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


There’s so much more I could talk about with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, but I think this should be enough to get everyone through Open Beta and ready for Early Access (have to save something for the review, after all). If anyone has any questions about a system I forgot about or more details about some of the classes and systems, let us know in the comments below.

World of Warcraft loses over a million subs since February, now down to 8.3 million

World of Warcraft's Algalon

The world’s most popular MMO has gotten a bit less popular in the last few months, it would seem. During today’s quarterly investor call, Activision-Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft’s subscriber numbers are down to 8.3 million. While that’s still nothing to thumb your nose at, it does represent a significant decline from the 9.6 million subscribers the game was reported to have last February.

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The game is going to need to do something revolutionary next expansion.  No more Daily Quest Grinds and 7-step raiding tier program and two-step PVP tier program.

MoP really only did more of the same, a new class, and balance issues, and more emphasis on storytelling.  Which is great, until you hit 90.

The same way that flying mounts made the game revolutionary with burning crusade, and lich king made progression fun, a new idea needs to come to life in WoW.  Perhaps Paragon Levels, Prestige Classes  (something D&D-like, say turns your current class into a Hero class, excluding death knights), player housing, global servers.. etc

One reason I can’t stand WoW anymore is I have like 7 groups of friends playing WoW, and they are all on different servers. And there is some limited cross-realm content, but we can’t do Arena… or RBGs.  And doing the same 40 daily quests every day is not entertaining in any way whatsoever.


Call me sado-masochistic, but the best times I had with WoW were back when you had to work for bloody ages for just a single epic item. Benediction quest anyone? About half-way through tBC they introduced the notion that you could get fully kitted out with some of the best gear, just by running a few instances for badges. Later on, during WotLK the entire concept of risk/reward simply disappeared altogether. Originally the game didn’t require the endless grinding of ‘dalies’ because consuming the existing content took so much longer. Dire Maul Tribute run? That was about 3 hours including preparation and travel. And it was bloody epic.

If something positive could come out of WoW losing subs, then maybe in the future they will bring back the concept that to get the rewards you need to put in the time and effort.