Blizzard Says Diablo 3 God Mode Bug Being Fixed

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Blizzard employee Xordiah posted in the thread, revealing that a hotfix is being

released for the “recent bug.” While YouTube videos surfaced July 22 demonstrating

the bug, it had been active for around a month. The question is why Blizzard didn’t

issue the hotfix before it went mainstream.

The bug is simple to activate: hover the mouse cursor over the character (it has to

be a Wizard), use the Teleport Skill, and then hit Archon simultaneously. Players

will be floating mid-air and will become invincible while being able to deal damage.

Even when the animation expires, players are still invincible.

It’s a major bug in Diablo 3, and for Blizzard, because it makes the aforementioned

difficulty level void. It also means that the Real Money Auction House could be

exploited: high-end, rare, items could be farmed for easily. In theory, rare items

should be harder to get and, therefore, the value on the Real Money Auction House is

high. Obviously, being able to farm for items while invincible removes the risk.

It’s not the first issue for Blizzard and Diablo 3: players have been charged

unexpected amounts of money, despite the item being listed as free, through the Real

Money Auction House. The International Trade Commission forced the company to offer

refunds, even though Blizzard implemented a level cap for eligible players.

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