RuneScape 3 launches July 22nd

If you’re a RuneScape fan, go ahead and mark July 22nd on your calendar. That’s the date that Jagex is unveiling RuneScape 3, which the company says is “the biggest upgrade in the game’s acclaimed 12-year history.”

The browser-based game client will transition to HTML 5, enabling players to avoid Java or any additional plugins. The new client will also boast improved graphics, longer draw distances, an upgraded camera system, and superior audio, according to a Jagex press release.

RuneScape 3 will also usher in a new era of user-generated content, with the future of Gielinor’s inhabitants and scenery now resting in players’ hands. The Battle for Lumbridge, a community-focused world event, kicks things off on July 22nd.


There’s no way HTML5 is going to be ready in 18 days. It’s still so glitchy and the FPS is terrible. I don’t see them doing a turn around in the quality that fast, unless they’ve been hiding an optimization blitz that will improve the gameplay greatly.

Seems like they’re going to release it incomplete just to they can bring out all the 6th age content.


I have always heard bad stuff about this game from friend and I have never played it for more than 5 minutes. After reading a lot about 3.0, seeing several videos and dev diaries, I am 100% sure I will like this game! See you the 22nd!

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RuneScape 3 goes live

RuneScape 3 goes live

This ain’t your slightly-older-brother’s RuneScape, folks; RuneScape 3 is hip, happening, and live right now. The latest iteration of Jagex’s browser behemoth is now available to play, and it looks better than ever.

RuneScape 3 isn’t just about a graphical overhaul, although it would be sad to dismiss its visual improvements. The new version includes a customizable interface, six hours of new music, and lots of technical improvements.

Jagex is kicking off RuneScape 3 with the Battle of Lumbridge and the Sixth Age, so get in and start kicking butt from minute one! This event will take place over the span of two months, during which players can ally with a faction and collect divine tears to contribute to their side’s ranking. The studio recommends that players experience it with the Java client and not the still-in-testing HTML5 version.

The team’s also posted a comprehensive FAQ if you have any specific questions about the changes.


Honestly, I think RS3 (or at least the Battle of Lumbridge event) is just what I needed and was waiting for. I got so tired of procrastinating on finishing quests, grinding skills, and blowing all my spins on the Promotion of the Week that I finally crashed and moved on to other games. Now, I may be hooked all over again.


Well, looks like I might give the game another try.

…I’ve lost count of how many times I poke back into the game here and there, lol.  Though my old account is basically unplayable due to his bank being stuffed with Members items which forces me to subscribe if I want to continue on with him…  :/

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News:League of Legends pros are pro athletes!

League of Legends pros are pro athletes, says Uncle Sam

“The United States government recognizes League of Legends pro players as professional athletes, and awards visas to essentially work in the United States under that title,” Riot e-sports manager Nick Allen tells Gamespot.

Allen says that international tourney organization is now much easier, though getting the initial batch of visas was a “lengthy process” that required a lot of legwork in order to provide enough proof to satisfy government officials.


fiftyplusgeekI don’t think we should be calling them athletes. I mean, sure they now have some of the privileges of professional athletic institutions like the NFL or NBA, but I believe these guys should always be referred to as professional gamers. Which, seeing how much money there is in League of Legends tournaments, it’s no joke. And if you actually think about how much time and effort pro gamers invest into their craft, it’s a pretty legitimate field. Now, my parents would probably slap me twice over if I ever thought about dropping out of school to make a living playing LoL. I’d probably slap myself too, but you can’t deny that what these guys do is legitimate and more power to them if they’re able to get sponsors and support themselves financially with it.



ChrisPicardfor those bashing the word “athlete” read the rest of the article. it is about visas for professional gamers. In the past teams have had to use alts and even forfeit because of a visa issue. With the athlete distinction for visas all it is doing is allowing these competitors to not be restricted by a visa for a 2 day tournament.




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D3 Plague Bats Skill Build

D3 Plague Bats Skill Build
As the poor Witch Doctor player, I only choose the 2-hand axe as my weapon. The legendary scorn not only has the 4.7% life steal, but also the 1427.4 DPS is attractive. Let’s start the adventure of upgrading in Patch 1.0.8!

Mass Confusion + Paranoia: This magic skill is interesting, which would confuse the enemies and cause some to fight for you within 12 seconds. When you encounter monster group, you can use this skill to control the battlefield.

Big Bad Voodoo + Slam Dance: This skill is the essential for the group. To increase the allies attack speed and movement speed is most attractive and useful. Meanwhile, the Slam Dance would increase damage of nearby allies. Before the Plague Bats released, please release the Big Bad Voodoo so that you can maximize the damage.

Firebats + Plague Bats: Take the Plague Bats as the bear, before to fire the monster group you should use Spirit Walk at first. If you are farming in the oasis, you should depend on Spirit to keep invincible. In the meantime, the Plague don’t scare of the frozen, even though you are frozen in most cases that Plague can keep the unchangeable recovery life blood more than 3 seconds.

Passive skill:
Spirit Vessel is the key point in this build. The Plague Bats absorb life blood smoothly and the attack range is widely. As for the EHP who only has 50w, the Spirit Vessel is the most useful to defuse the danger so that you can easily to finish the map quickly.

What is the most popular profession in Diablo 3 patch 1.0.8? There is no doubt that is the Witch Doctor! With the adjustment of Firebats in the new patch, more and more players start to experience the new WD skill build. After few days research, we study out the Pure Plague Bats Skill Build for Witch Doctor.

D3 Build with Stone of Jordon

D3 Build with Stone of Jordon
About the choice of Stone of Jordan, the AOE Strafe match with the attributes of adding 6% to cold damage can trigger the Cull the Weak which increase the damage against slowed enemies. The effect is obviously. To match with the effect of slow enemies movement make the Strafe would be more safety.

Survival Skill:
Shadow Power + Gloom, Smoke Screen + Lingering Fog: Due to the movement of Strafe is slow and out of control so that you should choose Smoke Screen to run away and remove the control. Meanwhile, the Shadow Power not only can convert the damage to life but also it would decrease your damage by 35%.

Companion + Bat Companion, Preparation + Punishment: These assistance skills would ensure your hatred and keep the Rapid Fire and Strafe release. The rune of Bat Companion which would recover 3 hatred is the necessary in this build.

Strafe + Demonlition: This skill is the primary AOE skill which has high DPS. When the monster around your, this skill is very useful as well as when the monsters gathering at one direction. So, to find an advantage position that would avoid the damage waste and increase the output. The consumption of Strafe is greater than Rapid Fire, if there are more than 10 monsters around you that the efficient of Strafe is reasonable.

Rapid Fire + Bombardment: Since patch 1.0.8 release, this is the primary output skill for Demon Hunter. The powerful of Rapid Fire significantly enhanced at present patch has strong attraction. Of course, to use the Rapid Fire and Strafe you should take the Hatred at the consideration. We will analysis the relationship later.

At Patch 1.0.8, the most popular skill would be the Rapid Fire changed. Now, we would introduce the Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Strafe and Rapid Fire Skill Build with Stone of Jordon. More useful skill build you can learn from our site!

D3 Barbarian Skills

Ignore Pain: As a powerful defense skill which deeply affected by widely barbarians. Reduces all damage by 65% is the best way to increase the vitality and ensure the chances of survival. When the monster surrounds you, just release this skill to reduce damage. About the choice of rune, you absolutely should choose Ignorance is Bliss to gain 20% of all damage dealt at life.

War Cry: Another defense skill is War Cry. Barbarian as the typical close career, compare to the Monk that life blood is apparent inefficient. So, to increase the Armor is the best way to resist all damage. In addition, the rune of Impunity would increase all resistance by 20%. That’s obviously great choice for Bar!

Wrath of the Berserker as the super burst Skill which consumes 50 fury to increase all kinds of attributes. The rune of Insanity also increases the 100% damage as long as you release Wrath of the Berserker. Who would refuse the skill like this one?

Whirlwind: Not only it would output damage but also it would gain life blood. There is no doubt this skill is the necessary for AOE. Meanwhile, it would increase the efficiency of upgrading. If you match with sufficient critical hit chance that you can finish the ultimate Whirlwind all the way.

Frenzy as one of the Barbarian powerful output skill, this skill has no consumption but would bring 3 fury each attack. That is indeed a useful skill for Barbarian. To further increase the Damage we would choose the rune of Maniac.

Since 1.0.8 patch released, the powerful of Witch Doctor has been improved and parts of player choose to experience the other professions. In the Diablo 3, Barbarian always is the most popular choice for players. In the Diablo3progress rank, you can notice that most of Barbarian occupied the top 10. What decide the powerful of Barbarian? Today, we would analysis the top five Barbarian skills. Hope you can know more about the Barbarian.

D3 gold and my experience

D3 gold and my experience

It is really stupid for those Diablo 3 players who kill monsters and make brawling tagged games all the time when in them. Players can use Diablo 3 gold for power leveling. I try to tell them this is a PvP game and they need to leave and rebuild the game and ignore PvP tag. But they get annoyed and just do what they like and I can leave if I dislike. But things do not always that simple since I just back to the original PvP game when I leave and look for a new one.

I seek for cheap Diablo 3 gold and every individual act, but I fail to find more players PvE or a game I could be outmatched. I do this repeatedly till I hit my input limit. When my input limit ends I become stuck in that PvP tagged PvE game, I wanna tell them it becomes tougher for players to look for PvP games due to their persistently staying in this game. I have to wait till I could make another search. in general, it is unjust to brawl their hindered searches since those PvEers wish to do what they want in spite of the tagging system, which aims to solve this issue. I am curious why you wish to stay in a game to slay monsters solely, but others in it are brawling. They can buy Diablo 3 gold and join a monster killing tagged game or have built one. In most cases, you have to play it and can’t kick them as slots are controlled by non-brawlers. 

D3 gold how to gain cheap items

D3 gold how to gain cheap items

You can buyout if you want to get cheap commodities and Diablo 3 gold, in order to have the ability to seek for all the cheap commodities, you should first sort the search out. To find the cheapest buyout commodities first we should sort the search, you can click the buyout and scroll the text till the cheap gear display. Then just press to next page till you see the armour/weapons that have cheapest buyout market price, there are you can find lots of commodities that without buyout selection at all and those commodities would be showed before the items that you could purchase with buyout to allow you scroll allot of pages prior to you could get the cheap Diablo 3 gold and buyout commodities, instead, you could reach there quickly.

You should also pay attention to the Diablo 3 auction house, as your each search can only see 50 pages of commodities. So it may look like there is without cheap buyout commodities on the auction house or you may think there is no buyout option for commodities. So you need to narrow your search. Just search for the commodities with X amount of intelligence, let’s take an example, for commodities just at you present level, that method less commodities would display on your search so you could see the cheap buyout commodities easily. Once you have scrolled for a while, there you will see the cheapest possible legendary weapons at the level that you require. In general, I merely choose the reputable store to buy Diablo 3 gold and I may also browse around to seek for a proper armour/weapon for me. 

D3 game features?

D3 game features?
Not a lot has been shown about the features yet, but we do know that characters will be customizable far beyond what you’ve ever seen in a previous Bungie game.

You’ll be traveling between planets to complete missions, and teaming up with other players online to complete some of these missions as well.

You’ll have a hub called the Tower, which will likely serve as your location for gathering missions, and meeting up with other players. This will likely also be the best location for shops, auction houses, skill trainers, and other things you would typically see in an MMO style primary city.

Detailed information on Destiny is extremely limited at the moment, but rest assured that we’ll be covering every moment of this game as it develops.

If you’re looking more information on Destiny,  check out the Destiny website for screenshots and videos of what has been released so far.

Personally, I’m really excited about this one. Obviously games don’t always live up to the hype, but if anyone can pull this off, I think Bungie can do it, and partnering with Activision just adds a lot of weight to that equation.

Keep an eye out for this one, because Destiny could seriously be a game changer, and yes that’s a huge pun right there! 

D3 Witch Doctor Farming Easy Tips

The Witchdoctor character in Diablo III can be efficient farmers but you have to play them a little differently from say a Barbarian.  Learn how to turn a Witchdoctor into a farming machine.

Playing as a Witchdoctor in Diablo 3 give you a couple of options for efficient farming.
Witch Doctors Pets

Hide behind a cluster of pets flinging damaging spells on top of your enemies
This lets you fight longer,
Witch Doctors Crush Everything in Sight
This option is quick and kills everything in one quick swoop.
But you have to then wait for your mana to build back up.

Since Witchdoctors don’t have many abilities to regain their mana after it is lost, a pet heavy build is much more effective for long term farming. While you won’t have as great of an ability to generate high burst damage, you shouldn’t ever have a problem with running out of mana either.
The Witch Doctor Farming Strategy

Before you even think about fighting anyone you need to be prepared.

Summon all of your Zombie dogs and your Gargantuan.
Have all of your pets attack a group of enemies.
After the enemies are engaged it’s time to lay down some damage.
Use Acid Cloud over top of the group of enemies.
Then cast Haunt on the most powerful enemies in the group.

Continue to chain cast Acid Cloud and Haunt until all your enemies are dead or they get past your pets.

If they start to get past everyone use Wall of Zombies to hold them back.
If the situation becomes really drastic you can use Sacrifice to burst down your enemies, but be prepared to run if it doesn’t finish them off.

As long as you don’t challenge enemies that are too strong for you, your pets shouldn’t have a problem holding them back from you while you burn them down.
Quick Look Witch Doctor Skill Rotation

Zombie Dogs  -  4x
Acid Cloud – Try to keep this spell up over all your enemies constantly.
Haunt – Use this on all the more powerful enemies.
Wall of Zombies – Cast on enemies that make it past your pets.
Sacrifice – Use as a last resort to finish off enemies.