Diablo 3 monk two sets of different skills solutions and ideas

Diablo 3 for the whole match point thought so, either by nutrients reply active skills primarily DPS, consumption an ounce of prevention is worth a fine skills (rushing + strong breeze is this kind of). Or conversely, with consumption fine skills as the main output, so the new Build is coming. Match points according to the Diablo 3 Gold equipment, so first said the poor monk general condition: DPS is more than 50000, all resistance, armor are standard. Because of a few days ago a YanNa’s visit this belt, to add the holy attack into 8%, so my match point skills can use holy attack as far as possible to use.

The first set of scheme, the anger + hurricane turn

The anger boxing storage fine good, the first strikes have a lunge, the most important is the holy attack with 100%. Hurricane diversion essence saving of the rune eye of the storm, their own is the holy attack, cooperate with the YanNa visited the Diablo 3 Items belt with overall DPS strengthen a lot. In addition, deal with remote melting fire is relatively active, not chasing the dozen, direct suction come over. For goblins also similarly.

The second set of scheme – mine energy + hybrida

This scheme mainly experience bell refreshed, the building Lord crit just 30%, use the thunderbolt vitality the accumulation of fine super fast skills, hybrida broken by reducing the consumption of nutrients rune condensing gas shock wave. Basic can do 2-3 seconds a hybrida frequency. The advantage of this scheme in innocence blame very efficiency, especially the swarms of white monster come, bell is very fun. In contrast, play boss efficiency as the above scheme, because the main skills – mine energy without the anger so strong.
Above scheme, truth doesn’t matter which to use, look at individual. The building Lord prefer stability point, DPS also didn’t strong to the second elite state, so use evade mantra. DPS high dignitary with conviction mantra of course more power. The excellency of passive also see individual be fond of replacement, because the two sets of project consumption fine frequency is higher, so the individual or recommended for use unique. As for D3 Gold storm strikes, the building Lord have been looking for individual instead of, but each time the replacement and changed back. Main strikes fled to freeze and melt fire, profane, cabala blessing too to use up, and no the viability sell at a discount greatly.


Sum up, rushing + strong breeze and the two set of scheme, the efficiency is the individual feels differences. The admiralty to boss slightly worse, the former two sets of basic in amoxicillin put out the first time before blackwater can destroy him. Recently many people recommend the class bridge the D3 Items fists, but the individual feels bought this fists will do bind died in rushing boxing in the consciousness. How much money, of course, it doesn’t matter, each weapon can be to a. But playing a monk or diversification is not greasy.