The possibility of Diablo 3 be Electronic Sports

I participate in the Electronic Sports reported year.Today, Western countries Occupation StarCraft game when its channel,and swept the world.Heroes Union bonus has exceeded a million, the number of viewers of professional electronic sports events have a tendency to catch up with traditional TV broadcast.

Needless to say, a game has become beyond the existence of the game is rare.To the game becomes a sport fusion strategy, technology and entertainment. Blizzard’s StarCraft has been done, and different opinions, D3 Gold is also likely to become electronic sports.

The game can be designed into nine innings wins system (final losing side permanent death), so that we can ensure that we do not trick seconds after three minutes. Can be a scuffle between the two fighters, but with reference to the Roman, can also have some environmental traps or monsters in the game to add extra excitement.

Of course, this is not without problems. The skills perspective Diablo 3 has many problems remain unresolved. Simply put, a player in the end and more dependent on the equipment, rather than reactive or tactics to win. In fact, the equipment is good or bad depends on them in the auction house’s money investment (in cash or in game currency). In fact, impossible to find a way to solve this regard. Allowing contestants to use the auction house, the most expensive will never be able to buy the best. If you cut out of the auction house, then most people the best of luck, or a good friend win. It is difficult to solve, and the game created.

I doubt whether we will see the expert-level PvP, but I think in the first PvP patch expert Arena allows players to the game again intrigued.If they balance the need for the players reasonable use skills rather than relying on equipment to win, you can become an unprecedented e-Sports event, all players not only to avoid the defeat despair, death means losing the full level orange, expensive the equipment and the time spent by the construction role. The ratings must break through the sky.

Diablo 3 can become the classic of Diablo 2, but a lot more effort need to Blizzard. If you can game made the electronic sports mode, you can let the works of enduring.