Hellfire ring effects damage reduced is BUG repair

Hellfire ring triggered fireball damage can have up to a million, the damaging effect is quite powerful in Diablo 3 high monster strength. PTR server updates, many players found the injury was greatly weakened. Some players complain that this makes him no incentive to continue to fight this ring.Lylirra pointed out, this is a BUG repair rather than weakened. This ring may still be the best equipment you have on hand, as long as four properties are good.

Old Hellfire ring called the God later installed. The reason why we constantly upgrade equipment, and repeatedly brush difficult under Super BOSS is better to do a property ring. The old Ring Hellfire once God later installed.Now completely offscum brush super BOSS is no longer meaningful.BOSS super high MP did not go to brush significance or reward.

There are many ways to weaken this ring, such as ring injury follow your DPS, so if the new players this ring will not hit a million hurt. Or let the ring more difficult to obtain, such as strength of 6 or more will have the opportunity to swap keys, 20%. Or let the monster strength affect the damage. Rather than directly to a cut down ground.

Diablo 3 once again the lack of late game content, the entire of purgatory machine because the ring weakened meaningless. I do not look forward to the 1.0.5.This is actually a BUG repair. Ring trigger damage depends on the player’s main attributes as well as weapon damage before, but we never want to design. We agree when you see your role a trick shot million damage very Niubi sparkling, but not any other one legendary equipment so – this is the direction we design.