Diablo 3 hunting magic people brush 9 level purgatory machine experience

Tie hammer bomb in 1.05 strange blood volume to rise sharply environment, personal feel the could jump for the most easy-to-use hate reply skills: 14 or 20 yards of large AOE range, 110% of AOE damage, clear MP7 + next the vast many millions of + blood Diablo 3 Gold small blame and better skills? As for the rune, more by spectrum of seemingly increases range of explosion to 20 yards (detonating) and promote monomer damage and AOE damage to 218% and 164% respectively but delay ascension to 2 s (disaster), personal feel fulminating applicability better.

Spike trap, the key is to PTR new altered rune reverberation: to make every single spike trap explosion three times each 275% toxin harm, interval 1 s, this is a god skills, which refers to where to put it, can overlap placed character, make the efficiency of this ability has already surpassed the cluster bombs, size bodily form c, far and near, c, and it does not need passive support: normal farm, doesn’t like cluster arrow must match on revenge eager or grenade ace that have to bring mechanical adjusting passive, 3 a upper limit also enough the efficiency. So rather than take passive and Jordan quiver high cost set beam, spike trap low requirement is all the Gospel of DH, of course, take spike trap skill addition of cloak and stone of Jordan can have a better word.
The arrow tower, in the National Day after the update damage up to 175%, but not crit, so the actual effect general: the average 5 w once (don’t know and don’t enjoy strike back, but wings vampire do not enjoy, the injury is her own head, BLZ I can say dirty words? , the main or by Diablo 3 Items rune effects, because lu the Lord is contra, so use of 15% reduction injury rune, compasses. But according to love in seven yuan big measured perspective, torture of chain seems very cow B, enjoy crit detonation injury, enjoy element effect, should be very suitable for blood high resistance does not need additional avoid injury using DH. Unless the chain with torture rune, otherwise the arrow tower take not to take mechanical adjusting passive actually distinction is not big.

As above, the lu main build use is 1. Brush key: tie hammer bomb detonating, spike trap reverberation, shadow force into shadow, smoke bomb 1.5 S, ready take precautions, strategic advantage, perfectionism, archery, 2. Brush 3 boss: passive in strategic advantages into mechanical adjusting. With perfect socialist + 150’s resistance to wear, the blood resistance is 4 w2 blood, 370 things resistance, 330 all resistance, 4350 armor.

Discard the traditional chase after bite cluster, lu the Lord found the build really very good: the arrow tower a put, wings opened, or so key firmly to, you can enjoy the D3 Gold station lu of pleasant sensation, and monsters update speed compared with former visual fast by more than 20%, don’t like cluster bombs need to position, energy and save worry.

Lu Lord think, DH way really or improve blood resistance, and from several changes to see, BLZ also obviously don’t want DH easily stand output, no survival force, there is no output, but so far from the PTR condition for, even for D3 Items contra, want to ascend to the extent of the lu can stand, need equipment, also not be unacceptable. Head a purple gems, 2-3 a blood resistance to pack, you can have very obvious change. And tie hammer bomb and spike trap, is also facing all DH strong skills.