Diablo 3 Gold will replace the role of game currency gradually

Many people only see cann’t be take money will results into RMAH (real money auction house) drop in utilization, it is not true.In fact,uses the dollar as virtual currency Diablo 3 Gold can actually be beneficial to RMAH up and running.For RMAH,Blizzard is expected that the market is not cash, but for the RMAH users, is to use the Blizzard dollars virtual currency Diablo 3 Gold. Here is very interesting, and the future, we can see that most of the United States serving players in Diablo 3 Gold trading. Diablo 3 Gold transaction threshold is not high, relative game currency hedge against inflation is very high.

It seems that the original gold auction house will gradually decline after the RMAH on the line,most players will use RMAH, most players can use Diablo 3 Gold that earn in RMAH for the purchase of equipment. Of course, for non-North American native players want to take money, the threshold is relatively high, but for the players who do not want to mention now, the threshold is very low, or even no threshold.

Diablo 3 Gold will gradually replace the role of game currency in the game, Diablo 3 Gold hedge against inflation and doesn’t appear improper offer sky at the same time (because of slotting fees and charges, this is not a game currency,but the real gold. whole RMAH market than GAH market hedge, more convenient, more clear, more easy to determine the value of the equipment, less deceptive, false price less so RMAH real auction house its inflation rate is very slow and very slow, the value of the equipment is more normal (because of slotting fees and charges, players will not mess hanging price), excellent equipment easier to identify,because real money to buy, so unlike the GAH as impulse each player Diablo 3 Gold has the upper limit, thus ensuring that the price range is not too far off the mark.

So in the long run, RMAH on-line, it will on the GAH tremendous impact as time goes on, GAH will no longer buy advanced equipment, because most of the players will go to Diablo 3 Gold trading. Even if you have never used their credit card spending in RMAH, you can also earn by selling equipment Diablo 3 Gold to the consumer.GAH will become the gathering place of the excessive equipment,and the price will continue higher.

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