Diablo 3 King-phishing tools over 150 dollar Dinvolved

Popular game Diablo 3 listed in May, the global craze that hot day started selling 3.5 million units in Taiwan, also caused a large stock. Out of stock due to physical channels, resulting in a number of video game fans the opportunity to purchase the Internet to find. But also catch the business opportunities scam several scams succeed.

A 27-man surnamed Chen Internet looking for sellers in the Yahoo auction saw a seller trafficking Collector’s Edition of 45 dollar, immediately negotiate with the seller and remittances, behold, the day after the remittance, received the Yahoo official administrator notice , the seller has been spotted as a fraud syndicate.

Surnamed Chen, to buy Diablo 3 suffer fraud victims, one month alone 30 people. Police said the criminals face book auction site, the name of the sales of the game to collect money. Nearly a month more than 30 cases, the fraud amounted to more than 1500 dollar. Police urge people to buy goods on the network to be careful as on. Diablo 3 the controversy started selling, in addition to the server instability, the video game company customer service human, more fraud tools, is probably unexpected things.

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