Diablo 3 developing program enhancement ideas

See a D3 gamers about developing program upgrades imagined articles, which have a perspective and reviews before we very close, is to increase the options of raw components in the develop process!

Game in a regularly described issue is bright devices ineffective, even offer G of this essential part is restricted to that frustration and hopeless in the face of the floor activity a lot of bright devices all day, so if the the bright products performance excavation as products to develop the groundwork / one of the necessary raw components, then you should be able to way to fix the issue of developing and bright products use PS look at first gently looking for a picture:

This is a analyze of a Diablo 3 activity screenshots, pay interest to the content part of the right hand for example PS up. Things make qualities will have some importance to the essential qualities of the bright products, such as gamers will need to try to find a bright platform with a standard affixes (lifting damage / defense), these qualities will be maintained in the ultimate article.

So what are the benefits of it?

First of all, in the course of the experience, the gamers need to concentrate on Diablo 3 Gold floor high-grade bright products. i63 bright products will become mature requirement of developing, produce need and value of dealings, the groundwork will have a higher rate and quality.

While for current develop system may need to also make some of the facts of the modification, for example, will be completely unique qualities becomes a 1-3 set real estate asset, then the staying real estate asset of unique, so to enhance the performance whole develop program in improving also difficult to gather Diablo 3 Gold components somewhat to make sure that the reasons for the income of the gamers.


Gabriel Knight in diablo 3

I want to talk about something about the Gabriel Soldier in action, wish you can get more information about this figure out in order to get more Diablo 3 gold in this action. Gabriel Soldier is a questionable fanatic of privileges, they use of a series of long-range weapons to eliminate the concentrate on. They cover up in a place away from the danger and rely on the bow and suggestion, and then risky limitations and taking weapons to eliminate those evil creatures and get strike into their world quickly.

The real operate, we can feel that the Gabriel Soldier is a profession which wants using the far away means of hit, to control the area, and the preventing skills; we use the weapons to deal with the enemy which at the arm’s profession and project hard to make Diablo 3 gold from them. And contrary to the Mystic for far away hits, Gabriel Soldier has an advantages on the containment and monomer harm.

Soldier use various kind of far away hit device to battle , their capabilities with is deal with the long-range weapons which value a lot of Diablo 3 gold and can be performed in the Try out level were the Diablo 3 Gold, crossbow and part crossbow and other three types of weapons. And a profession dedicated deputy, product. The capturing Crossbow is just one harm device with gradually capturing quantity, as for the Personal hit power is excellent, it is fit for the injury capabilities which was rely as the quantity. The Frequent taking is also quite impressive, but because the taking interval is long, immediately with the capabilities to execute the excellent extreme will have a better effect. Side crossbow quantity of fire fast individual low harm device, individual hand-held use, and can in each part having a. Injury to the weapons themselves individual, with a quantity of the capabilities is not ideal.

Crossbow and typical capturing quantity of fire will be improved more and more, during the continuous hits on the combined harm is considerable, and the taking interval is short, the capabilities Diablo 3 Gold can be placed into the interval among the taking. With the capabilities to harm set growth they is capable of doing a continuous and efficient battle. Common taking factor is also more flexible than a crossbow, whether with the quantity of kind or set kind of harm capabilities and town creatures is a good performance in their way to get Diablo 3 gold with flexible Globally weapons. 

First of all need players understand some things

First of all need players understand some things:

First, at present this version high-end witch doctor the most efficiency is mainly Build zombies bear strong acid DuYu is complementary, conditional run cool.

Second, from practical Angle for witch doctor don’t need pile of attack speed. The first attack speed on acid rain didn’t what impact on Diablo 3 Gold push out bear impact speed and drain blue speed. Second, do not blindly attack speed by ascending panel DPS, it was empty and meaningless. A lot of players just to impact ranking, if your bankroll is limited, do not follow. Push bear shot speed is too low anyone does not adapt, this is only the adaptive normal reaction just, when actual combat gains high is the same DPS low attack rate. If two ring, the former: 30 to 60 damage, 4 detonation 30 detonation injury, 100 intelligence. The latter: B: 9 attack rate, 4 detonation 30 detonation injury, 100 intelligence. From the practical point of view, is better than A is B, but B panel ascension than A.

Third, based on the point of view of actual combat in the current version, conditional choose as far as possible with fright weapon. Cause a, bear high AoE vampire effect under considerable; Reason two, maybe we can version 1.0.4 by high DPS seconds strange to ease pressure, but in 1.0.5 your DPS enough to seconds strange, you will be very need endurance h. means; Three reasons, would rather sacrifice point DPS, also do not mean strike back and steal.

Fourth, single hand two-handed weapons choice, here only objective evaluation of single hand me the advantages and disadvantages of test.

A: single deputies have higher panel DPS, first of all we should understand critical strike detonation injury is the best proportion of “-“. Two-handed weapons explosion highest injury can be close to 600, critical breakdown face set should be 4.5 + 10 + 6 + 8.5 + 4.5 + 4.5 = 38 or so. Diablo 3 Items single secondary detonation hurt less 100, crit 10 more. Also is 500 explosion, 48 critical strike chance. Here you can see the difference between place, why 10 crit and 100 detonation injury is not balanced, the reason is two-handed weapons crit chance disorder, but in fact his hands DPS will not lose too much.

B: single attribute the advantages and disadvantages of the deputy. Current version of the most practical single deputy should be a horse that zuma’s carving osteotome + the deep magic item (sabre because it is physical attribute + vampire). The most practical two-handed weapons should be vampire version of the si cowen axe. The two combination out, more DPS reference the above A, the frog sabre 20 to pick up, and 150 points the main properties, two-handed axes 3% more blood. Then considering the witch doctor most skills are not attack speed bonus weapon damage, we simply compare “two-handed axes words than the horse frog combination, weapon damage on the 500 + like (not careful calculation, we can calculate the sabre upper and lower limit and the axe + vice hands on the floor to compare).

C: you can list the hero is the witch doctor first D3 Gold single deputy DPS and first hands DPS. If DPS divided by attack speed obtained numerical, both hands is better than single hand.

Fifth, how many armour antibodies can be appropriate? This every player has his own different opinions, I talk about my opinions. In the DPS more than 120000 (why is above 120000? Because D3 Items with fathers set no attack speed bonus word 120000 is a threshold, why in the DPS premise? Refer to the first five) 500 anti – 600 resistance can, 600 best resistance. Because the harvest feast or improve intelligence, Buff after you will find that you are very easy to 800 + resistance. Actual combat Angle for as long as you normal operation, the average maintain 800 + resistance to easy. 700 is the turning point of the resistance to reduce damage, 700 after resistance diminishing re 

Because single game early has been rolling, so for a single game analysis is omitted.

Double game: “strange, almost all blame” is a yellow word died; Elite, with cluster arrow in the penultimate rune and almost didn’t feel out of single and double difference, as long as the location of the throw good enough, basic round Diablo 3 Gold elite will fall. Three people game: “strange, one to two yellow word death, then can already feel the Farm efficiency become low, but there were no serious problems. Elite:, three game of cluster arrow into the shadow beast air raid. Because of fears that the clear small blame the hate finished in elite was kind of embarrassing that feel three games of the elite has obvious resistance to play. If it is a single game elite belong to meet death, double belong to a round of words, three elite can and the original poster alongside a.

Four people game: “strange, one to three yellow word death. But because the rate of blasting, each need more the yellow word means that need more play more than once, so efficiency significantly, there are times when, in the face of high DPS strange has need to kite. Elite, only blood very soft elite (scorpions, witch doctor and so on) position very good situation to do a beast shadow air raid death. Other all need to move, especially run speed fast. Now feel strange AI are very high, all kinds of dodge run road, so to play and it was very vexed.

Conclusion: the building Lord belong to bare commandments of hunting magic, precepts only 30. In order to use the commandment penult rune later can guarantee within 15 seconds discipline not sorrow, in four games of the elite warfare and almost did not meet the lack of discipline, although sometimes may be more than 15 seconds, but elite and almost half left or disability. So, in the test, the building Lord think 230000 panel as long as it is good collocation not pure Diablo 3 Items panel control words, have fully covered. Even if 15 seconds or 30 seconds even 45 seconds to play the undead elite what? Hunting magic man was a dead ground rice mill career, before land clearing who not with the kite all kinds of elite make dead.

About 1.0.5 HP bonus now don’t know how. But just four games health perspective, innocent word blame such panel is enough. Although 4 and 1 person have obvious difference, but actually also fib. As for the elite has enough.

About resistance and blood volume in the current monster damage, as long as the DPS enough, such resistance and blood has completely last, both single-player or four games. Because of such D3 Gold blood resistance can already let you and strange move a long time not kneel, so is a kite (if necessary), almost can grind to the next wings good discipline.

Specific circumstances: in addition to knife ye and a handful of damage higher blame beyond, most of the blame including elite caused by damage in the open under the condition of the wings are negligible, almost see off the blood. In the absence of the wings, can probably D3 Items javelin soldier resistance under 5 around (no specific tried, but visual should almost), resistance to fat mage fireball once seemed to have been seconds, don’t remember. 

That you need to know the Monk inside Diablo 3

Your Monk arrives inside the Ivygord Monastries inside reason behind incline in which molded their own personas nearly all. After they ended up small to remain brought in and then get training with what ancient is a lot like, combating abilities and the easy detoxify the actual spirit and Diablo 3 Gold. They presume in which 1001 gods are very existed all around the way of life.

You’ll find distinct tattoos along with icons upon Monk’s system, for the reason that Monk will be the form of individuals using creativity along with feeling of framework. Symbols help them to bringing one’s though miracle of light whilst runes support summoning the sunshine to offer these people help when they need help. Every single Monk have a skin icon upon their again the industry sort of indicate because of their expertise in their particular expereince of living and sometimes it will cost one’s entire life span to end this kind of specific skin icon. Sometimes an individual can’t consider Monk will keep themself resistant to a number of enemies without making use of tools pertaining to he’s specialist within fighting styles.

The older monks inside the monastery hold the right to manage the Monks, who want to eliminate the actual nasty by any probable means. He’s got no doubt that he’s the actual fatal system made by our god to address in opposition to most nasty. Since monk is particular regarding characteristics involving patience, calm along with faithfully, this individual facilitates the sufferers using disliking no person. Here is the biggest distinction between the particular Barbarian along with the Monk. For the reason that Barbarian will be the one that is obviously collecting power along with Diablo III items. 

The diablo 3 Summary monster strength

Yesterday, there was some blue stickers, although it is nothing too important point of information, but also wish to take a look at. Take a look at some of the views of the community managers, as well as the description of the details of the game, as well as diablo 3 gold trends.

the diablo 3 blue stickers overview: monster strength / skills

So, some of the time for the community manager may wish to tolerance, they always service groups for the players in the first-line, they need a significant change in the game at any time or hot issues waiting forums and exchange. This point is like us. While this can not be 100% of the problems to be satisfied with the answer, but are trying to perfect every detail. “Overall, under the MP1 purgatory difficulty there will be some not quite the same, because all monsters from the start is 63 for some players, MP1 may also be more than they expected to be harder and more.”

Both the PTR test, or forum discussions, the players are trying to find a maximum efficiency of MF mode. Obvious benefits of the monster strength, additional drop / higher item level / more experience / higher MF ceiling, but the difficulty is also evident, greatly enhance the difficulty of the game, monster blood / injury into fold increase. As normal players, not ordinary difficulty purgatory A3 will be more safe and effective? Welcome to participate in the voting:

The zombie bear balance issues: Zombie Bear does not like dual cyclone barbarians as super strong of God. Adjustment of zombie bears enough to affect our redesigned monster strength for this skill. Group not enough to let the the zombie bear the witch doctors players can absolutely rolled other programs in other occupations!

About the followers automatically attack the question: I just talked to and one of our developers, he confirmed that the skills summon static “pet” – such as bull fiery serpents, hunting magic Methodist whistle Fort – will not be affected This change impact. These things will continue as usual to attack the enemy. This change is only effective followers, the task NPC motorized pets such as Colossus, zombie dogs and hunting magic people fighting pet. 

diablo 3 some unknown insider

diablo 3 game:

As an ultimate action role-playing game “Diablo III” is a perfect continuation of the Diablo series. Players can in five different career choice, such as barbarian or witch doctor, each occupation has a set of unique magic and skills. Players in the adventure can experience a variety of settings, feel the epic story, challenge no count of demons, monsters and powerful BOSS, gradually accumulated experience, enhance ability, and get the items with magic power.

The game takes place in Sanctuary, a dark fantasy world. The world’s most residents do not know, 20 years ago had emerged a group of heroic powerful heroes to save the world of Sanctuary from the hands of the forces of evil underground world. Many warriors used to directly face the hell division, even survived the war, have sanity disorder. While most of the other soldiers choose to bury this a terrible memory, let your mind from fear. “Diablo III, players will return to Sanctuary, launched a desperate struggle with all kinds of demons monster again.

With a simple, easy to understand interface, fast-paced combat and Diablo fans have been hoping for a thrilling gaming experience, “Diablo III” will be the perfect “Diablo II” sequel. In addition, the game, there are a lot of new bright spot, enough to make the Diablo series of action role-playing game experience to a new height.

vipdiablo3gold.com, high-quality team of professionals Dear players bring all the convenience of the game, such as: cheap diablo 3 gold and diablo 3 items there is a professional game guides provide! 

Diablo 3 expert mode long-term players experience to share

First as a HC long-term players, the purpose is not only a customs clearance purgatory. If you want to see the result of words, please don’t look down the XD. As HC long-term player, very simple one thing, is the pursuit of equipment. Different Build need different Diablo 3 Gold equipment, always have the worth you to look for equipment, and what’s more, and may be accidental death need to gather together a set of equipment. In this purpose, I to simply said the current HC equipment problems.

The first say is the auction house. HC auction house equipment extreme lack, basically be you again rich, want to match a god outfit also need a week. So with equipment in HC is more than the SC of one thing. Of course, match equipment this kind of matter, different people have different views.

The second say is equipment properties. Say first general defense attribute: three main properties are defensive attributes, income basic same. Of course all career on the different. Here to separate said is agile and evasion. Diablo 3 Items armor can from equipment reactor, all resistance from the equipment of rubble, but only from the agility of dodge. And the uncertainty of the dodge often make people ignore this property, but to know a lot of time only to dodge can save your life. Of course in HC to pursue high main attribute high body have agility may not be a real things.

Strike back, seconds back, melee reduce injury, remote reduce injury, reduce control time, these is no doubt that defense attribute. Of course the professional emphasis on different. Here is about individual professional specific conditions.

The first monk said. Monk main attribute is agile, agile have against addition, add to dodge. At the same time according to the passive sensitive turn armour, can add armor, so agility is the first attribute of the monks. Monks were speed also to have the very big demand, because attack rate is high, the speed of fine D3 Gold back quickly, often can brush 3 seconds aura and improve their combat defense ability. Not to mention attack rate to strike back to contribution, so attack rate is the second monk attribute.

Fine back, fine h., these natural no doubt is defensive attributes, but because they only exist in fists and hat, so not choose equipment of first choice. In the monk attack rate fast conditions, strike back to income was the second return of more than two times. Due to the existence of nature, all the monks in the resistance of relatively good. D3 Items Due to strike back on the importance of monks, in fact I recommended dual wield. 

The possibility of Diablo 3 be Electronic Sports

I participate in the Electronic Sports reported year.Today, Western countries Occupation StarCraft game when its channel,and swept the world.Heroes Union bonus has exceeded a million, the number of viewers of professional electronic sports events have a tendency to catch up with traditional TV broadcast.

Needless to say, a game has become beyond the existence of the game is rare.To the game becomes a sport fusion strategy, technology and entertainment. Blizzard’s StarCraft has been done, and different opinions, D3 Gold is also likely to become electronic sports.

The game can be designed into nine innings wins system (final losing side permanent death), so that we can ensure that we do not trick seconds after three minutes. Can be a scuffle between the two fighters, but with reference to the Roman, can also have some environmental traps or monsters in the game to add extra excitement.

Of course, this is not without problems. The skills perspective Diablo 3 has many problems remain unresolved. Simply put, a player in the end and more dependent on the equipment, rather than reactive or tactics to win. In fact, the equipment is good or bad depends on them in the auction house’s money investment (in cash or in game currency). In fact, impossible to find a way to solve this regard. Allowing contestants to use the auction house, the most expensive will never be able to buy the best. If you cut out of the auction house, then most people the best of luck, or a good friend win. It is difficult to solve, and the game created.

I doubt whether we will see the expert-level PvP, but I think in the first PvP patch expert Arena allows players to the game again intrigued.If they balance the need for the players reasonable use skills rather than relying on equipment to win, you can become an unprecedented e-Sports event, all players not only to avoid the defeat despair, death means losing the full level orange, expensive the equipment and the time spent by the construction role. The ratings must break through the sky.

Diablo 3 can become the classic of Diablo 2, but a lot more effort need to Blizzard. If you can game made the electronic sports mode, you can let the works of enduring. 

Diablo 3 hunting magic people brush 9 level purgatory machine experience

Tie hammer bomb in 1.05 strange blood volume to rise sharply environment, personal feel the could jump for the most easy-to-use hate reply skills: 14 or 20 yards of large AOE range, 110% of AOE damage, clear MP7 + next the vast many millions of + blood Diablo 3 Gold small blame and better skills? As for the rune, more by spectrum of seemingly increases range of explosion to 20 yards (detonating) and promote monomer damage and AOE damage to 218% and 164% respectively but delay ascension to 2 s (disaster), personal feel fulminating applicability better.

Spike trap, the key is to PTR new altered rune reverberation: to make every single spike trap explosion three times each 275% toxin harm, interval 1 s, this is a god skills, which refers to where to put it, can overlap placed character, make the efficiency of this ability has already surpassed the cluster bombs, size bodily form c, far and near, c, and it does not need passive support: normal farm, doesn’t like cluster arrow must match on revenge eager or grenade ace that have to bring mechanical adjusting passive, 3 a upper limit also enough the efficiency. So rather than take passive and Jordan quiver high cost set beam, spike trap low requirement is all the Gospel of DH, of course, take spike trap skill addition of cloak and stone of Jordan can have a better word.
The arrow tower, in the National Day after the update damage up to 175%, but not crit, so the actual effect general: the average 5 w once (don’t know and don’t enjoy strike back, but wings vampire do not enjoy, the injury is her own head, BLZ I can say dirty words? , the main or by Diablo 3 Items rune effects, because lu the Lord is contra, so use of 15% reduction injury rune, compasses. But according to love in seven yuan big measured perspective, torture of chain seems very cow B, enjoy crit detonation injury, enjoy element effect, should be very suitable for blood high resistance does not need additional avoid injury using DH. Unless the chain with torture rune, otherwise the arrow tower take not to take mechanical adjusting passive actually distinction is not big.

As above, the lu main build use is 1. Brush key: tie hammer bomb detonating, spike trap reverberation, shadow force into shadow, smoke bomb 1.5 S, ready take precautions, strategic advantage, perfectionism, archery, 2. Brush 3 boss: passive in strategic advantages into mechanical adjusting. With perfect socialist + 150’s resistance to wear, the blood resistance is 4 w2 blood, 370 things resistance, 330 all resistance, 4350 armor.

Discard the traditional chase after bite cluster, lu the Lord found the build really very good: the arrow tower a put, wings opened, or so key firmly to, you can enjoy the D3 Gold station lu of pleasant sensation, and monsters update speed compared with former visual fast by more than 20%, don’t like cluster bombs need to position, energy and save worry.

Lu Lord think, DH way really or improve blood resistance, and from several changes to see, BLZ also obviously don’t want DH easily stand output, no survival force, there is no output, but so far from the PTR condition for, even for D3 Items contra, want to ascend to the extent of the lu can stand, need equipment, also not be unacceptable. Head a purple gems, 2-3 a blood resistance to pack, you can have very obvious change. And tie hammer bomb and spike trap, is also facing all DH strong skills.