Feel the charm of a new class

Cooling time of 15 s, can use two consecutive times, but in terms of skills are introduced, and a bit biased towards the PVP, when let for PVE is no small role, the key moment can easily hide away a lot of big BOSS skills. Is the main benefit of this skill, you can free choice direction, do not need to the corresponding target. Don’t like rogue shadow step, soldier’s charge, the hunter after the jump, wild cat jump, must have the corresponding reference. If compared to the mages of the flash, the biggest benefit is that it can use two consecutive times, the disadvantage is, of course, no flash can stun and trapping effect.
In addition, the monks of special gas, is also pretty interesting, but in terms of gas, and energy is similar to a thief. Use of skills, of course, also can get a star for you.
At the same time, the monks of the third after the paladin and druid can three professional talent, but as far as T and DPS talents, believe that the players are understood. Monks can also act as a treatment, however, believe that this is more difficult to understand for players. From the psychological perspective, 100 gas alone and 4 star for meal and blood, it give a person not to understand. The author believes that open clothing, won’t have too many players to choose treatment of talent.
In addition, monk the classes have little slowing effect, regardless of the individual or group, it is right.

Proved that the monk is not so strong as DK just birth, believe play of taking 3.0 player has a deeper impression, then the blood of the DK whether AOE and live life ability is strong. Today is also a new career, the vitality of the monks did not previously DK so powerful. Perhaps because blizzard’s theory of balance, even if the new version, also do not want to make a new career is too strong.
General intellectual monks have good mobility, PVP ability is good. Alone in terms of DPS, and might not have violent kiss the son, also, as a leather T, on the premise of no equipment, do not necessarily best.
Temptation, of course, I have to admit that, I believe the players or the profession characteristic, especially with the panda the species, to be sure, a suit, panda monk never coming. And, of course, with the passage of time, professional number will begin to cut. If its biggest attraction lies in its novel, involving its practicality, is inferior to the DK indeed.
Impressively, the Taiwan open WLK, a blood DK can be easily singled out six to eight little monster, if for the monks, does have some difficulty. In addition, the monks of the damage is mainly dependent on the skills, the proportion of white damage statistics down really is not high.

Said from the beginning and, for players, novel is the most important, in this regard, it is not difficult to find that blizzard is elaborative, from several aspects to the players, especially the propaganda animation of a whirlwind leg, tai chi, more apply colours to a drawing the Chinese elements.