WoW Killer: Non-Existant

“WoW Killer”: Non-Existant.
“OMG <Insert New MMO> is going to kill WoW.”
So there has been much talk about some game or another that is going to totally dominate World of Warcraft. The term “WoW Killer” has been tagged onto most new MMOs since Age of Conan.
This is not an article that looks into World of Warcraft’s amazing success or other games abyssmal failures (yes AoC, we are all looking at you). Rather, it is just an article to explain why there wouldn’t be a “WoW Killer” or “killers” of any other game, for that matter.
There CanNOT Be Only One.
Surprise surprise surprise. There actually are a whole host of MMOs out there that wildly ranging in quality and genre. It seems that fact has been forgotten somehow by some anti-WoW zealots. WoW might loose a substantial player-base to other games, and is already before WoTLK, and will in around 3 months time. Players didn’t just have Ultima Online and Ultima Online to choose between, they now can leisurely jump between games at will.
Random Musing: I am almost convinced that Korea pumps out an online game every day.
There will always be people who like the Warcraft cannon. Because it just deviates from the high fantasy setting slighty enough for Blizzard’s own sense of drama and humor, which is appealing. There will always be people that like the pace or any other likable feature of WoW.
And there are those who would prefer something else once it’s out. Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, and personally, the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic could (and did) appeal to current WoW gamers, thus them leaving.
However, I don’t know of another niche that is so generic that would grab the attention of anyone where they would leave WoW, and any other mmo they are playing in, to join it.
Hell, even WoW didn’t accomplish that.
Home to Thousands
If you have played multiple MMOs, after awhile you will realize that there will be an MMO that you will go back to regardless of reasons why you left. It could be because there is just something new, you didn’t like something, you got pissed off because someone stole your online GF, whatever. But you just find yourself whipping out your credit card and entering the digits to give you another month’s access to that game you have left more times then digits you and your avatar combined.
For me, it’s Star Wars Galaxies, even when I hate what it has became.
More To The Fact: Out of World of Warcraft’s 10 million+ subscriber base, around 50% is actually from China alone!
I Love Me
Remeber that lvl 60/70/80 character you made? I’m sure you do. I’m also pretty sure that you didn’t delete that character when you left, unless you were REALLY pissed at it, or someone was REALLY pissed at you (case in point, one of my ex). So well, with that said, there is a huge sense of attachment to that character, like it or not, and sometimes, just the thought of not ever playing that character again might be too much for one to bare. Unless of course, that character has been deleted by a really pissed off someone that you love…
Passionate Comment: I will NEVER EVER give up my gimped lvl 90 Jedi fashion disaster! Ever! She’s been with me for what, 5 years now?
With every anti-WoW fanboi, there is a pro-WoW fanboi. And whilst most would probably change their mind when a new MMO comes out and tickles their fancy, there will always be a bunch of loyal supporters. Case in point, Everquest. Just when everyone thought that everyone was going to leave Everquest for Everquest 2 and World of Warcraft, well, Everquest proved them wrong. Now in it’s 15th expension pack which was released recently, it has survived against countless competitiors, even with graphics that could make any artist cry in a corner, sobbing in fear and anguish at how art could be allowed to be displayed with such low quality.
Was Everquest as popular as World of Warcraft back in the day? Relatively (based on the gaming population then and now), and hey, World of Warcraft is only in it’s 2nd expension pack…
Wild Analaysis: So 5 years ago, Everquest’s active subscriber base was rounded off at 500,000. That is a gross profit of 7.5m. Fast forward to today, even with just 25% of it’s original subscriber base…
Like Zombies…
MMOs don’t just flop onto it’s belly and die. Of course, there are few MMOs in the past that has that happen to them, latest being Tabula Rasa, but none were near successful to begin with.
Of course, with new MMOs coming out, like the highly regarded Aion (here at least), it might take a vicious stab at WoW’s subscriber base. Maybe big enough for Blizzard to wonder why their 100 dollar bill toilet paper have not been refilled. But definately, it wouldn’t mean a shutdown of the game.
Personal Thought: Zombies are going to be humanity’s destruction. I have personally stocked up shotguns, ammo, pipe bombs and made my house fallout and zombie resistant. Sadly, I have yet to find a way to make it Mom resistant. Or angry “Deleter of Efforts” girlfriend resistant.
Make Love, Not War.
In the end, don’t fret on which game is gonna “kill” which, it ain’t gonna happen. Instead, to prevent YOUR favorite game from dying because too many of it’s subscribers are too busy contemplating on which next MMO is going to die till they forget to pay for their subscriptions, just play your favorite game, have fun and keep an eye out for any new games that my interest you more.
Ultimately, one’s journey in the gaming world is to have fun, not to prove why one game is better, or to be a prophet of doom for a day that very well might not happen for another few good years.
Or ever.