Long before the fallen titan, Sargeras, unleashed his demonic Legion on Azeroth, he turned his baleful gaze upon the world of Argus and its highly intelligent inhabitants, the eredar. Believing that this magically gifted race would be a crucial component in his dark quest to undo all of creation, Sargeras contacted the eredar’s three leaders – Kil’jaeden, Archimonde, and Velen – and offered them knowledge and power in exchange for their loyalty.
Only Velen abstained, for he had seen a vision. In it, his people were transformed into hideous demons, and they joined the ranks of Sargeras’ Burning Legion: an army of unspeakable evil that would grow vast and decimate life on countless worlds. With the aid of the naaru, benevolent energy beings who had resolved to combat the fallen titan’s nihilistic crusade, Velen gathered other like-minded eredar and narrowly escaped Argus. Forever after, these renegades would call themselves the draenei, or “exiled ones.”Kil’jaeden, who had loved Velen like a brother, was infuriated by the draenei’s flight from Argus and their ungrateful refusal of Sargeras’ offer. In retaliation, Kil’jaeden led the Legion’s armies on a relentless pursuit of the draenei throughout the cosmos. Eventually, Velen and his beleaguered people eluded their hunters and found sanctuary on a remote world that they would name Draenor, or “Exiles’ Refuge.” Having been instructed by the naaru in the ways of the Light, the draenei developed an extraordinary society on their new home and came to know the shamanistic orc clans native to Draenor.Yet the draenei’s peaceful existence did not last. Upon discovering the renegades’ home, Kil’jaeden corrupted the noble orcs into a single, bloodthirsty force of destruction: the Horde. Blinded by rage, the orcs wreaked havoc upon the draenei, slaughtering over eighty percent of the race and forcing Velen and other survivors into hiding. Many draenei also mutated into lesser forms known as the Krokul, or “Broken,” after being exposed to the fel energies wielded by orc warlocks. Decades after the Horde’s genocidal campaign, the shaman Ner’zhul opened magical portals throughout Draenor, and the resulting magical stress tore the dying world apart. 


Recent discoveries have shown that humans are descended from the barbaric vrykul, half-giant warriors who live in Northrend. Early humans were primarily a scattered and tribal people for several millennia, until the rising strength of the troll empire forced their strategic unification. Thus the nation of Arathor was formed, along with its capital, the city-state of Strom.
After several centuries of peace, however, the increasingly prosperous and independent city-states of Arathor split into separate kingdoms: Gilneas to the west, Alterac, Dalaran, and Lordaeron to the northwest, Kul Tiras to the southwest, and Stormwind to the far south. Strom itself was renamed Stromgarde and remained a significantly powerful kingdom.But disaster struck when the orcish Horde appeared on Azeroth, reducing Stormwind to ruins during the First War between orcs and humans. The city’s survivors, including the young prince, Varian Wrynn, fled to Lordaeron, where the leaders of the seven kingdoms resolved to unify once again in the Alliance of Lordaeron. Joined together, they succeeded in defeating the Horde during the Second War.Tensions grew among the kingdoms, however, as the costs for maintaining the Alliance rose much higher than originally anticipated. Unwilling to pay the taxes, the leaders of Gilneas and Stromgarde chose to withdraw their kingdoms from the Alliance. Further disaster came when the kingdom of Lordaeron was decimated by a mysterious plague that killed thousands of humans and converted them into undead servants of the Lich King. Even Lordaeron’s prince, Arthas Menethil, was manipulated by the Lich King, leading Arthas to kill his own father and journey to Northrend, where he merged with his master. For the next five years, the Lich King remained in Northrend, plotting and building up his armies. 

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Stay Inside and Play World of Warcraft “Summer Challenges”

Despite its age, World of Warcraft still has a certain draw for me. I haven’t had time to log in and play it seriously in months, but that hasn’t diminished my desire. Funny enough, playing through Diablo 3 actually made me want to play WoW even more. Now I feel like that draw is going to be even stronger with the recently revealed World of Warcraft Summer Challenges, a focused effort to get concentrated groups of players to visit many of the epic areas throughout Azeroth, all in the name of awesome loot drops.
Every week this summer, we’re challenging you to get together with a few friends to explore a part of Azeroth that you may not have seen in a while, or perform a feat that you may have never done. We’re calling them World of Warcraft Summer Challenges, and we’re going to be playing along with you as we hunt down rare achievements, get screenshots of amazing bosses, and try to find some rare gear for our transmogrification sets.
I might check in on a few of these over the coming weeks just to see how receptive this idea will be to the WoW community, which I think is a great experiment in cooperation. Any particular raid or dungeon you hope to see during these challenges? Is this enough for you to get back into Wow? 

Get All of the Worlds in Warcraft for Just $30 This Week

Game companies really don’t want you going outside this summer, with their demos, double XP events, and new releases. The latest to make sure of that is Blizzard with their sale on everything World of Warcraft. Right now on the Blizzard Store you can buy the base game and every expansion for the combined price of $30 — that’s just $10 more than the standard price of the Battle Chest. Just looking for just the expansions? Those are only $10 a pop.

Now I feel like a complete doofus for dropping some serious coin on the Cataclysm Collector’s Edition a few years ago. Also this is a great way for Blizzard to drum up some excitement for Mists of Pandaria that’s presumably coming out later this year. So does this sale get you to dust off your copy of WoW so you can pick up one of the expansions on the cheap? You going to gift it for a bunch of your friends? Or does this not change a thing as you continue to camp out waiting for Guild Wars 2 to go live? Sound off in the comments below.

Pretty idiotic considering buying the latest or newest expansion…automatically gives you the previous content free. Bought WOTLK way back after the trial period was over….and got all previous content automatically. Be the same in getting Panderia….don’t have to only be a panda, can and have to..start a character at Level 1, which means going through all the older expansions.

I’ve gone like 8 months in this game without any new content. They need need NEED to stop making things so damn easy if they’re not going to be constantly shoveling new dungeons and raids into my cavernous maw. 

Recruit a Friend to WoW, Turn into a Flying Mount

Talk about giving your buddy a ride. By recruiting a buddy to World of Warcraft via the Starter Edition program, you’ll get access to the Obsidian Nightwing mount. No, not in your inventory. You get to transform into one and invite your friend to hop on your back. Cue The Rolling Stone’s Beast of Burden.

The Obsidian Nightwing replaces the previous recruiter reward X-53 Touring Rocket mount, which, let’s be honest, had been around way too long to be really exciting. You’ll only get the mount upon your recruit’s payment of their second full month, so you’ll have to wait a bit to get it. But, while you wait, you’ll get friend-to-friend summoning and extra XP for working together. Probably worth it.
I used to play WoW and it was fun. The concept of the never ending video game was a great allure. The only problems, repetitive questing (grinding), stolen loot (dungeons), but most of all, the shitty people (everywhere). Everyone was a dick for the most part, particularly the random conversationalists in the common and trade channels. I swear these people paid for accounts just to talk about nothing (or politics) to and with digital strangers. Not to mention the guild mates who wanted you to help them, but wouldn’t help you so you could help them (by way of being properly geared to play your roll in questing, dungeons, pvp). That is not including the waiting for enough guild mates to surface so runs could be made/executed. Also, the game is not solo capable, cause of the gear requirements. If you were not up to date, you got slaughtered, especially in pvp. Plus, after the WoW South Park episode, I could no longer look at the game the same way. 

When we played in the copy

Unconsciously, world of warcraft has celebrated its seventh year. In the seven years, warcraft has experienced too much, also changed a lot. At once, the world of warcraft expansion in the fourth – “the mystery of panda who is also coming. Often to the version change, we will review past, miss the former youth. And each version is the most let a person attention things, is often associated with main story of a copy of the team.
Copy is first introduced to the domestic a blizzard game mode (everquest at home is really “hole”), when we face a fresh experience notting have is not careful, from a molten core, a nest with black wings, Ann is the temple to the naxx, we know what is teamwork, met in the game more profound friendship. Thanks to world of warcraft has given us unprecedented experience as slogan – do you have never done before! Copy of diversity, world of warcraft series of tasks line plot, task almost the last point will lead you to looking for a copy. Wow can hold its own copy of each of the story, you know their scene? Now aftertaste next year and just follow us ~ friends fight in wars 

Feel the charm of a new class

Cooling time of 15 s, can use two consecutive times, but in terms of skills are introduced, and a bit biased towards the PVP, when let for PVE is no small role, the key moment can easily hide away a lot of big BOSS skills. Is the main benefit of this skill, you can free choice direction, do not need to the corresponding target. Don’t like rogue shadow step, soldier’s charge, the hunter after the jump, wild cat jump, must have the corresponding reference. If compared to the mages of the flash, the biggest benefit is that it can use two consecutive times, the disadvantage is, of course, no flash can stun and trapping effect.
In addition, the monks of special gas, is also pretty interesting, but in terms of gas, and energy is similar to a thief. Use of skills, of course, also can get a star for you.
At the same time, the monks of the third after the paladin and druid can three professional talent, but as far as T and DPS talents, believe that the players are understood. Monks can also act as a treatment, however, believe that this is more difficult to understand for players. From the psychological perspective, 100 gas alone and 4 star for meal and blood, it give a person not to understand. The author believes that open clothing, won’t have too many players to choose treatment of talent.
In addition, monk the classes have little slowing effect, regardless of the individual or group, it is right.

Proved that the monk is not so strong as DK just birth, believe play of taking 3.0 player has a deeper impression, then the blood of the DK whether AOE and live life ability is strong. Today is also a new career, the vitality of the monks did not previously DK so powerful. Perhaps because blizzard’s theory of balance, even if the new version, also do not want to make a new career is too strong.
General intellectual monks have good mobility, PVP ability is good. Alone in terms of DPS, and might not have violent kiss the son, also, as a leather T, on the premise of no equipment, do not necessarily best.
Temptation, of course, I have to admit that, I believe the players or the profession characteristic, especially with the panda the species, to be sure, a suit, panda monk never coming. And, of course, with the passage of time, professional number will begin to cut. If its biggest attraction lies in its novel, involving its practicality, is inferior to the DK indeed.
Impressively, the Taiwan open WLK, a blood DK can be easily singled out six to eight little monster, if for the monks, does have some difficulty. In addition, the monks of the damage is mainly dependent on the skills, the proportion of white damage statistics down really is not high.

Said from the beginning and, for players, novel is the most important, in this regard, it is not difficult to find that blizzard is elaborative, from several aspects to the players, especially the propaganda animation of a whirlwind leg, tai chi, more apply colours to a drawing the Chinese elements. 

Monk part skill changes

The xuan cows give chance to trigger
Any type of melee attacks hit, thanks to trigger the xuan cattle. Yellow word attack has a 10% chance to trigger; As for the white and the tiger combo, equipped with 2 h weapon (weapon speed / 25) % chance to trigger, one-handed weapons, weapon speed / 50% chance to trigger.
Spirit demonstrated by the passive removed?
B: yes. We are going to through the xuan and distillation of cow: ethereal wine to improve winebibber against the value of the property. But one thing I would like to make is, so far I haven’t seen a community discussion winebibber routines explicitly xuan cows give this important skill.
Are you sure you want to decrease the iwaki cow type of energy recovery?
Display an error, it is purely describes a accidentally can display the numerical value of back into improving HP values, next patch will repair it. In fact xuan cow type still has 30% of the energy recovery. By the way, with the development of skills is more and more complex, ability can not very accurate description are the display of the actual values, then we have to repair these description error. However, website data excavation usually changes the values of the errors as a formal. This will be another test process chaos and heavy and complicated.

Because the skill of weapon damage, weave fog monks prefer to choose to use high wound agile weapons going to how to solve the problem?
Before several versions woven fog damage some problems inside, in the part of the problem, such as sodium gas sensitive treatment of vomiting China than intelligence outfit, and so on continues to this day. But even full hard prominent treatment, weave the fog should not benefit from agile weapons, we will ensure that the listed before fully deal with these problems.
Step wind idle waiting time too long
The information you provide is very incisive, but it is not beyond our expectations. Like other energy professional, tread the wind monks should not 100% by public cooling effects. Skills of using frequency will increase with the equipment upgrade, but if the GCD must play the piano no idle just suitable for: it is very subjective. And we are hoping to test players can continue to provide more advice on this.
Play dot, disillusionment and nu ray broken function
Current version disillusionment play DoT a few bugs, the next version will repair. Disillusionment play DoT mechanism and fire mage, combine residual damage to the new DoT. In other words after the battle, no matter the DoT time ever overlap, disillusionment DoT damage should just disillusioned be kicked directly damage of 20% (excluding damage of rounding and excessive struck). Nu ray designed is suitable for use of single target, but also have use nu, ray, break is to its dizzy effect not to be hurt.
Monk level 30 talent was part of a loop or a stand-alone tool skills? Energy recovery rate is final now?
Current level 30 talent is not a part of the cycle (at least in a standard wooden war), but can still be adjusted. Energy recovery rate is not yet final, but did not try to change it for the time being.

Tiger combo can trigger enchant white flat cut?
Tiger combo is should be like a normal flat cut on the feeling, but the technology is not the same. Tiger combo Buff will be triggered by ordinary flat cut (miss), and Buff layer will be common flat cut consumed (miss). Tiger combo attack in combat text is displayed as “white”, but the way of observation in the combat log into fortune-telling is “yellow”. It is can not hit, dodge, parry, was blocked, and so on, but because it is not white, will therefore not be skewed, also is not affected by dual wield the misses. Its chance to trigger is used to balance our dual wield and hands monks is one of the most important link, mainly because he is not affected by dual wield misses. Temporary tiger combo is regarded as trigger technology, therefore unable to trigger or additional trigger. Only hard prominent and distillation: certain monk skills such as ethereal wine will see tigers combo as a normal attack. 

WoW Killer: Non-Existant

“WoW Killer”: Non-Existant.
“OMG <Insert New MMO> is going to kill WoW.”
So there has been much talk about some game or another that is going to totally dominate World of Warcraft. The term “WoW Killer” has been tagged onto most new MMOs since Age of Conan.
This is not an article that looks into World of Warcraft’s amazing success or other games abyssmal failures (yes AoC, we are all looking at you). Rather, it is just an article to explain why there wouldn’t be a “WoW Killer” or “killers” of any other game, for that matter.
There CanNOT Be Only One.
Surprise surprise surprise. There actually are a whole host of MMOs out there that wildly ranging in quality and genre. It seems that fact has been forgotten somehow by some anti-WoW zealots. WoW might loose a substantial player-base to other games, and is already before WoTLK, and will in around 3 months time. Players didn’t just have Ultima Online and Ultima Online to choose between, they now can leisurely jump between games at will.
Random Musing: I am almost convinced that Korea pumps out an online game every day.
There will always be people who like the Warcraft cannon. Because it just deviates from the high fantasy setting slighty enough for Blizzard’s own sense of drama and humor, which is appealing. There will always be people that like the pace or any other likable feature of WoW.
And there are those who would prefer something else once it’s out. Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, and personally, the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic could (and did) appeal to current WoW gamers, thus them leaving.
However, I don’t know of another niche that is so generic that would grab the attention of anyone where they would leave WoW, and any other mmo they are playing in, to join it.
Hell, even WoW didn’t accomplish that.
Home to Thousands
If you have played multiple MMOs, after awhile you will realize that there will be an MMO that you will go back to regardless of reasons why you left. It could be because there is just something new, you didn’t like something, you got pissed off because someone stole your online GF, whatever. But you just find yourself whipping out your credit card and entering the digits to give you another month’s access to that game you have left more times then digits you and your avatar combined.
For me, it’s Star Wars Galaxies, even when I hate what it has became.
More To The Fact: Out of World of Warcraft’s 10 million+ subscriber base, around 50% is actually from China alone!
I Love Me
Remeber that lvl 60/70/80 character you made? I’m sure you do. I’m also pretty sure that you didn’t delete that character when you left, unless you were REALLY pissed at it, or someone was REALLY pissed at you (case in point, one of my ex). So well, with that said, there is a huge sense of attachment to that character, like it or not, and sometimes, just the thought of not ever playing that character again might be too much for one to bare. Unless of course, that character has been deleted by a really pissed off someone that you love…
Passionate Comment: I will NEVER EVER give up my gimped lvl 90 Jedi fashion disaster! Ever! She’s been with me for what, 5 years now?
With every anti-WoW fanboi, there is a pro-WoW fanboi. And whilst most would probably change their mind when a new MMO comes out and tickles their fancy, there will always be a bunch of loyal supporters. Case in point, Everquest. Just when everyone thought that everyone was going to leave Everquest for Everquest 2 and World of Warcraft, well, Everquest proved them wrong. Now in it’s 15th expension pack which was released recently, it has survived against countless competitiors, even with graphics that could make any artist cry in a corner, sobbing in fear and anguish at how art could be allowed to be displayed with such low quality.
Was Everquest as popular as World of Warcraft back in the day? Relatively (based on the gaming population then and now), and hey, World of Warcraft is only in it’s 2nd expension pack…
Wild Analaysis: So 5 years ago, Everquest’s active subscriber base was rounded off at 500,000. That is a gross profit of 7.5m. Fast forward to today, even with just 25% of it’s original subscriber base…
Like Zombies…
MMOs don’t just flop onto it’s belly and die. Of course, there are few MMOs in the past that has that happen to them, latest being Tabula Rasa, but none were near successful to begin with.
Of course, with new MMOs coming out, like the highly regarded Aion (here at least), it might take a vicious stab at WoW’s subscriber base. Maybe big enough for Blizzard to wonder why their 100 dollar bill toilet paper have not been refilled. But definately, it wouldn’t mean a shutdown of the game.
Personal Thought: Zombies are going to be humanity’s destruction. I have personally stocked up shotguns, ammo, pipe bombs and made my house fallout and zombie resistant. Sadly, I have yet to find a way to make it Mom resistant. Or angry “Deleter of Efforts” girlfriend resistant.
Make Love, Not War.
In the end, don’t fret on which game is gonna “kill” which, it ain’t gonna happen. Instead, to prevent YOUR favorite game from dying because too many of it’s subscribers are too busy contemplating on which next MMO is going to die till they forget to pay for their subscriptions, just play your favorite game, have fun and keep an eye out for any new games that my interest you more.
Ultimately, one’s journey in the gaming world is to have fun, not to prove why one game is better, or to be a prophet of doom for a day that very well might not happen for another few good years.
Or ever.