Decoration explosion: Uvdastass armo

When raytheon found the rare thunder clouds dragons, he was surprised and decided to subdued them. But the most strongest dragon has fiercely resistance, as a result, when raytheon came to the place to imprison dragon, the burned ancient warriors made him laugh and cry, so he decided to subdue the dragon as his mount and get the power of sky by storm and wind. At last, after the thousands years of raytheon died, Narak always protects his hide palace and waits for his coming back.
Arc nova(destroy group skill): a power pulse to make a damage to 35 code within the player takes 350000 points and bring them back.
The chain lightning (important): Narak bolts some players surround his body and caused 10, 000 natural damage every second. If the distance between players and Narak is over 30 yards, it causes extra 20,000 natural hurt and last 15 seconds.
Electrostatic: Narak’s surrounding energy vibration on a random player, causing 20000 nature damage per second
Storm cloud: narak casts the storm cloud on some players. Every 3 seconds for all players within 10 yards, causing 50000 nature damage. Lasts 30 SEC.

After the breaking out of the war to the thunder lord island palace, the alliance and the horde of scouts are trying to intercept the praise dara camp between letters. A letter repeatedly mentioned an uncommon praise vocabulary: Uvdastarr, and the word “conquer” and “power” vocabulary associated appear. In somewhere of Pandaria, Zandalar beast summoners will summon a powerful beast to join the war, and the perfusion LOA power of the colossus is their ultimate strength. However, the exact position of the WuDa matchup, at present there is no one known.
Break (tanks warning): Uvdastarr breaks the current target and caused 462500-537500 physical damage, and make its armor reduced by 25% for 1 minute. This effect can stack.

Decoration explosion: Uvdastass armor is only for decoration and also can be energized explosive. Caused 800,000 damage to 60 yards players in front of it.
Fury grew: with the fighting going, uvdastarr’s fury is also increasing, causing all the damage increased by 10%. This effect can stack.
Harsh roar (treatment warning): Uvdastarr has a harsh shout, causing 200000 physical damage and interrupt the current casting, make its in ten seconds can’t cast any spell with system.
Spirit fire beam (destroy group skill): uvdastass matchup for a player cast a bunch of spiritual fire, inflicting 138750 to 161250 fire damage, and jump to the nearby Allies body. At most two dozen players hurt, each jump damage will be increased by 50%.