I classify accurationiative wow power leveling

About my comprehension to anti-war property, I think I should put the conlusion first: in full life, full accuration, proficient, patience, eurance, withstand and dodging. Please note, it is a normal and regular property ranking, which doesn’t aim at any BOSS.

1. in full life and accuration

Tunder and shock wave can’t be dodged, so life’s value is higher than accuration.

2. l accuration and proficient

it is a disputable property. I classify accurationiative getting fury property. For the reason of accurating block, proficient is free of injury and passive getting fury property.

As excellent physical tank, soldiers’ proficient value is totally expressed in physical injury. And for some fixed injuries or mage BOSS, some extreme BOSSes even don’t have flat chop, proficient and te value of block skill is very small even for zero. The present dodging is based on whether daining sield can be more and more opened. In other word, it is fury acquisition.


The destruction of silvermoon city

Sadly, the sunwell’s formidable strength finally destroyed silvermoon city, which never got through any profane in thousands years. But it was ended by a rebel.

Dall bar · Della hill is a member of parliament. As one of the influential ruler, he has a lot of dissatisfaction. He always didn’t feel to be respected, even though he is the most powerful mage.

So when Arthas Menethil destroied the soul of the prince in Northrend and got close to the rebel, dall bar was very excited to society which betray him, conspired against him great city and he promised to protect the sunwell. He wants to control sunwell alone, but not sharing with other members of parliament. Arthas found the method to get though the elves door and defeated Sylvanas and her subordinates. But the forest guardians didn’t realize they have had been a complete failure. When Alsace and his soulowner went to silvermoon city directly, Dall attacked the no preparation parliament members and destroied the defense of sunwell. But what out of his mind is that Alsace wasn’t interested in his dream and wild ambition. Therefore when Dall bar saw the death knight using sunwell’s power to make kel ‘thuzad rebirth for the lich, he was surprised.

Betray  World of Warcraft® Pet: Lil' XT

Kell has tried his best. When he saw people gradually died without energy of sunwell, Kell tried his best to save the bad end. He not only dealt with the betray of alliance and also accepted Lady Vashj’s support. The survival warriors still protected their people. The failure Dall disclosed the left energy of sunwell was collected and cohensioned a human girl named Anveena with magical power. When Kell prince changed name for his people, as a subordinate, Rubick has fought side by side with prince. He followed the kyle from dalaran dungeon fight to hell fire dehiscence of the earth, and finally with the aid return to silvermoon city to encourage desperated people. Under the guidance of the illidan, kyle SARS trained blood elves to relieve their pain with new ways – extraction others magical energy to ease the addiction.