The orcs’ efforts to escape from the wow gold!

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Months passed, and more orc prisoners were rounded up and placed within the internment camps. As the camps began to overflow, theAlliancewas forced to construct new camps in the plains south of theAlteracMountains. To properly maintain and supply the growing number of camps, King Terenas levied a new tax on theAlliancenations. This tax, along with increased political tensions over border disputes, created widespread unrest. It seemed that the fragile pact that had forged the human nations together in their darkest hour would break at any given moment. Amidst the political turmoil, many of the camp wardens began to notice an unsettling change come over their orc captives.

The orcs’ efforts to escape from the camps or even fight amongst themselves had greatly decreased in frequency over time. The orcs were becoming increasingly aloof and lethargic. Though it was difficult to believe, the orcs, once held as the most aggressive race ever seen on Azeroth, had completely lost their will to fight. The strange lethargy confounded theAllianceleaders and continued to take its toll on the rapidly weakening orcs. Some speculated that some strange disease, contractible only by orcs, brought about the baffling lethargy. But Archmage Antonidas of Dalaran posed a different hypothesis. Researching what little he could find of orcish history, Antonidas learned that the orcs had been under the crippling influence of demonic power for generations. He speculated that the orcs had been corrupted by these powers even before their first invasion of Azeroth.

Clearly, demons had spiked the orcs’ blood, and in turn the brutes had  


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