Hunting Skills of the Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter’s armor is relatively thin compared to those in other classes. It is usually made up of leather, covering simply the most crucial parts of the body, such as the chest, wrist and throat. Nevertheless, as you soon progress, you will be able to wear those thicker leather armors and get some hard-wearing steel plating. And at the top of the tier, you will be able to unlock and make good use of virtually impenetrable armors made up of metal and leather, with enhanced defensive features such as barb and spikes. You will also be able to wear those thicker helmets and carry a protective shield to block some significant attacks.

The Hunting Skills of the Demon Hunter include: In the early levels of playing the Demon Hunter, you can equip only one passive skill (until in the beta test version) until you reach level 10. After reaching level 10, you will then be able to unlock Brooding and Thrill of the Hunt, which are relatively helpful for hunting down weaker hellspawns for your farming and leveling. At level 12, you will be able to unlock Vengeance. Get Steady Aim at 13 for better single-target hits. These passive skills will give you some advantage without asking you to press anything to activate them. The Brooding for example, grants you 2% heal of your maximum health each second as long as you don’t get hit within five seconds.

If you ignore Diablo 3 gold quests, you might find yourself quarantined off from the next area until you complete them, which essentially traps you in the kiddie pool until you pass your swim test (or rather, swim quest). Thrill of the Hunt on the other hand, easily immobilizes your target for three seconds every ten seconds, relatively good skill for fighting bosses or in PVP arenas. There’s a lot more things to learn about various classes in Diablo 3 power leveling. Until the full game is released, it would be better if you jumpstart your way by reading more Diablo 3 Demon Hunter guide, for more effective hunting. 

Magic and Melee is much better than Ranged for PK

Member training – Ranged: Begin by killing rats in Varrock’s sewers with bronze arrows. When you hit 20 at around Combat lvl 10 you can move on to Rock Crabs north of Camelot and Seer’s Village. If you don’t mind paying a little extra you can start using Iron knifes at this point to speed up the training. You can go all the way to Rang l v l 99 against these Crabs. You should know that Magic and Melee is much better than Ranged for PK at higher Combat levels but you will deal more total damage when you train Ranged skill meaning that Combat level will be kept at a minimum relative to the Hit Points. This makes Ranged training vital for a pure.

Member training – Melee: Training melee is really simple. You start out with low level monsters and move onto higher level ones as you grow stronger. Always use the best weapon you can equip. Dragon scimitar is best because of its speed. The Rock Crabs north east of Camelot are just as great for training melee as ranged. Use accurate attacks until you reach Attack l v l 60 and then aggressive attacks exclusively to increase your Strength. You don’t want any more than attack  l v l 60 so you must avoid the accurate attack entirely after reaching l v l 60. This applies when you fight both monsters and players.

Member training – Magic: Go to the Jail at Port Sarim or the Zoo by the Clock Tower in Ardougne. Make sure you are equipped with Full Iron Armour and Green Dragonhide vambraces and you are good to go. This way you are unable to cast your spells so you can target the same monster again and again. The experience gain will be the same so it is very time saving. Start out with confuse at l v l 3 and when you hit l v l 11 it is time for Weaken and at l v l 19 you continue with Curse which should be used all the way up Magic l v l 45 in Runescape powerleveling. Make sure you have plenty of Water, Earth and Body runes at your disposal for this. You can buy a Mystic Mud Staff for infinite supply of Earth and Water runes.  

Diablo 3 Class introduction: Monk

Monk is another Melee class that enjoys same 30% damage as Barbarians. However, what sets them apart is a set of support skills that only Monk has. Examples include Heal skills and Mantras that make them the most wanted class in Inferno and boss parties. Monks resource is Spirit that generates over time as you use Spirit generator skills (your primary attack). Other types of skills include area skills, crowd control (for survival), blink or snap, Mantras (for support). Monks can dual wield, and they enjoy more attack speed compared to other classes. They have moderate armor and are next best at survival thanks to a few Tanking skills and 30% damage reduction.

Monks are one of the top choices among players for PVP arenas due to their blink skill (Dashing Strike). Don’t underestimate Experience Items: Because you’ll likely be fighting multiple monsters for many hours, this item stat can add up to large gains in XP. Because it’s nearly imperceptible on a per-kill basis, this item stat is often neglected for core stat bonuses, but if your goal is to amass thousands of experience points, shouldn’t you consider that stat that gets you those points directly? If you believe that “grinding” (defined as plowing through a target rich environment without pursuing any Diablo 3 gold quest objectives) could ever offer faster experience points than completing quests, you may want to reconsider.

Players will inevitably be picking up items along their way to level 60, and they’re frequently faced with choosing between two similar items. By default, a lot of players will favor enhanced damage, thinking it will help them level faster by virtue of speedier killing. But, those players shouldn’t overlook the benefit of increased foot speed and the pickup radius of Diablo 3 gold and health globes. After all, you do as much walking as killing, and swifter running and fewer needs to “double back” for gold or health globes can arguably make your leveling faster than a few added points of damage, many of which are wasted on “overkill” killing blows that send a monster’s health pool into unnecessarily low negative numbers. 

What to do when zombies chew your face off


I’ve been having something of a Guild Wars renaissance of late. Part of it has to do with a few friends getting into the game again and part of it has to do with having time to breathe, which means time to play Guild Wars. And that’s how I found myself dashing madly through the Shards of Orr. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Shards of Orr, here’s the skinny: It’s a dungeon in the one true expansion in the Guild Wars collective, Eye of the North. Specifically, it’s a dungeon with a chest that has a tiny chance of dropping a high-value staff (also, inhabited largely by the undead), which means that a bunch of very clever people found a variety of ways to run that dungeon over and over again with minimal expenditure of time and effort. I’m a big fan of those kinds of people.

To me, MMOs at their heart are a way to interact with other people, and that’s where a lot of the fun I find in them comes from. Sure, I may enjoy beating a new boss all on my own, but not nearly as much as I’d enjoy re-doing a mission for the sake of a friend who’s behind me in the storyline or running through a dungeon several (dozen) times with cool people. It’s the social experience, for me, that shapes the fun of the game.This is the point where I admit that I’m one of those people that keeps the RNG alive and well in MMOs.

Go ahead, throw tomatoes and stones and other unkind things. Speed clears and farms account for an unseemly amount of my time logged into Guild Wars.I don’t know how I managed to make it this far without “everything’s pretty good but there are people with concerns,” but the more interesting topics, to me, are farther toward the end. The first is about release date, or even the date on which a release date might be released. Tin foil astrologers and internet soothsayers seem to be in agreement that the stars are almost in line for an announcement, which hopefully means that they’re only slightly more out of line for an actual release.

The other bit was about replay ability of content, especially in light of the dungeon reward system. As mentioned above, I don’t particularly mind the RNG reward system, mostly because it leads to cool interaction, but I’m not going to put on sack cloth and powder my nose with ashes if that goes the way of the dodo because I know that I’ll still get my interaction else where. I’ve played Guild Wars 2; I know it fills my needs in that respect. For another, the timing of this event should be much more European-friendly, which means that more people across the pond will hopefully be able to partake without contorting their schedules overmuch.


Ranged Classes: Wizard, Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter

Wizards and Demon Hunter are your two typical ranged classes. Witch Doctor is a bit different for Diablo 3 power leveling, it’s ranged and it has it’s own set of skills that set it apart from the rest. If you like powerful area and single target spells then Wizard is the right class for you. As Wizard you enjoy some heavy and powerful attacks along with really good escape and survival skills that make it fun to play as you do not have to rely on support. Every time enemies get close to you, you can either freeze them or teleport yourself out of the action, or even slow them giving you enough time to react.

Demon Hunter is good at single target and also has decent area skills. You can also summon gadgets to assist you in battle. Unlike other classes, Demon Hunters also get additional resource called Discipline that allows them to deal with enemies like no other classes when Diablo 3 powerleveling. It’s fun and challenging to play Demon Hunter but two resource bars and a little complicated set of skills make it a difficult class to master. Avoid Demon Hunter as your first class if you are new. It’s not the worst, its equally good but it’s a little difficult and complicated to master.

Witch Doctors are also very good option for beginners, but they do take a lot of damage and lack of status and escape skills make them a little tough for beginners. Witch Doctors get good element damage and can summon pets to fight for them allowing them to stand back and take relatively less damage. Players who have experience will not have tough time kiting and using pets to their advantage, but as a beginner, you might find it difficult if you die repeatedly in two hits. Try 10 levels first before you decide to go all the way with this one. There are several polls on sites, like on on Diablo 3 guide, and on forums where people have voted for Barbarians and Wizard. There’s a reason why these two are top favorite in their respective categories – good set of skills for damage, single target, area, status, escape, chase, etc. which make them an all rounder and thus comparatively easy to master. 

Diablo 3 Barbarian Leveling Guide

The Diablo 3 Barbarian leveling guide contains tips and tricks on how you power level your Barbarian in Diablo 3 gold quest. While Barbarians may appear little slow in leveling compared to Witch Doctor, Wizard and Monks they can do as good as other classes if built well. Let’s take a look at some strengths and weaknesses about Barbarians to understand what kind of impact they have on your leveling speed. Note that this guide doesn’t talk about strengths and weaknesses in general, but only ones that affect your leveling speed.

High Defense – Barbarians have 30% damage reduction by default. Being a melee is a disadvantage as you take too much damage but this feature along with powerful equips (that only Barbarians can equip) help a lot when it comes to survival. Status Skills – Barbarians have excellent status skills. Take Ground Stomp for example. It allows you to charge into mobs and engage with a stun giving you plenty of time to take out the monsters. Melee – Yes, this feature is a curse in itself. Barbs have few area skills that are ranged. Being a melee also means you take a ton of damage so you always have to watch out for your health. You will often find yourself taking so much damage that you would be clueless what to do next or where to go next. That’s where your escape and status skills will help you.

Damage output: Barbarians have comparatively lesser damage output compared to other classes which makes them a little slower at clearing monsters compared to other classes. You could overcome this with proper equips and damage gears instead of going for gold or magic find gears. Fury: Your main resource Fury generates only when you use Fury generator skills. This makes it difficult at times when you are low on health and trying to kite. In short you can’t kite when you are low on Fury. Otherwise you do have some skills that allow you to kite. Note that Barbs do have strong Melee skill attacks. I’m talking about over all damage output that other classes can achieve due to their powerful and inexpensive area attacks. 

Gather All the Health Globes

Unlike Diablo 2, Diablo 3 players will no longer be able to use inexhaustible health potions to stay alive in the battle. Rather, Blizzard introduced a new health regain system called the health globes (also called as health orbs). These globes heal you for a particular amount of health percentage and fellow players in nearby area. However, these globes drop in random after you kill monsters in the battlefield.

Each player in the vicinity of the health globe will receive the same amount of health heal, regardless of the number of the players there is in the area. Thus, it definitely makes sense to talk to your teammates about the activation and consumption of these health globes when playing with a party. That being said, the best way to utilize these globes is to activate them when your teammates are near to you.

D3 is very different from D2, so read more Diablo 3 leveling guide and get rid of the old practices you do in the D2.We hope we can share some experience with Diablo 3 during beta and later when game goes live. I’ve been desperately waiting for this game since a very long time now and it’s almost here. Can’t really describe how excited I am in this post.

Anyways, expect Diablo 3 Guide to bring to you the best strategy guides, leveling guides, build guides, and more. I’ll be writing a lot of free guides myself and inviting many of my friends to do the same.I will also be writing reviews of best selling Diablo 3 guides so that you can invest your money at the right place and not get scammed. That’s all for this entry of D3 guide, I look forward more skills and strategies so that we can conquering more difficulties .Good luck!





The Wilderness

This has to be one of the most exciting but dangerous bits of Runescape. This is the area north of the map in wich players can attack eachother providing they are within level of eachother. By this i mean they may be in a suitable depth of the wilderness to attack eachother. This means a level 126 (highest level) cannot attack and probably kill a level 3 (lowest level) in one shot in level 1 Wilderness. Infact this can’t happen at all, as the wilderness doesn’t go up to a high enough level. As the clan ladder is being postponed and there are many clans and players looking for a fight, the PKRI event will be a perfect opportunity for you to show your mettle.

 Runescape is pretty safe and the majority of people are nice who play it. Beware of any suspicious people, and if you feel the need you can report people for a variety of things such as their language, actions and more. THE REPORT feature really works! I know myself, as i have gotten warnings for some things i didn’t mean to do/say. You will get used to the great size of Runescape after a few weeks, and will be able to find yourself round. Until then, just ask people as a lot aren’t afraid to help you. Some may charge 100gp to give you a taxi to somewhere.

 While many clans exist purely to wreak havoc in the Wilderness, the diversity of clans means that there’s more than likely one suited to you. Take the Caped Carousers, for example, who began as a small group that liked to get together to celebrate completing all of RuneScape’s quests. Two years since they formed and they’re now a thriving community ofQuestCapeowners. Modzilla is another good example; their roots lie in the P-Mod team, but now they’re a huge clan who get together to train skills, compete and generally just hang out together. 

The two sides compete for the wow

The two sides compete for the Storm in the eyes of four control towers and the battle flag of the map, each occupied by a tower will increase the occupation force’s victory points, the more the occupation of the tower, the team get more points, the occupation of a tower, the team Victory points will begin to slowly accumulate, each tower can speed up the points occupied by a cumulative rate, the battle flag regain control of the tower can be based on any one team to win wow gold, get 2000 points the first party to win points for the winner.Don’t pay inflated prices though, you will upgrade everything else eventually anyways. 

Professions in WoW are somewhat unique compared to the majority of older MMORPGs. Be aware that a number of these hints utilize only to actively playing over a dedicated PvP server (see below) but most may be used to actively buying wow gold on ordinary servers as well. Hundreds of scenes, scenes of luxury production, realistic style of topography, throughout the continental plates. , in mid-2004 North American public beta. Players can choose to join the alliance or the tribe camps for wow gold. While enchants, gems, and reforging are all possible ways to get wow gold, we’re really looking for it on gear.

If you’re like me and started your 80 to 85 questing in Hyjal, it’s time to rejoice — this will be the first reputation you’re actually running to exalted, and the reputation gained wow gold doing nearly every quest in the zone put me right around revered. Revered is a “meh” rep level. If players need to do more damage, it makes sense for that damage to be crits.. They big, fun, buff Flurry and work with that Crit for crit+ talent. A greater use of phasing makes the journey through Azeroth that much more personal. He’s probably going to want to stealth once he gets out of combat. 

Adventurers get stuck and denied due to lack of level

Spiritual Attunement – Basically 1% mana regen and higher mana pool. If you aren’t using much mana, maybe try Pierce the Veil passive. Spirit Vessel will save your life! If you take enough damage to die, you will automatically go invisible and regain 10% of your health. This can happen only once every 90 seconds. Choose another passive if you don’t have trouble staying alive, out-gear, out-level the content. With these actions, you can save your life and have a fast upgrading in the game. Today marks the end of the first week of Diablo 3 gold quest, and it has been a thrill and a relief to finally play after an extremely long wait.

Millions of players are diving into Diablo dungeons, and at one point or another (Nightmare Mode, Hell Mode, Inferno Mode, etc.), adventurers are getting stuck and denied due to lack of level, lack of good gear, lack of well-chosen abilities, or simply not knowing a few tricks within a very new game. So, below I’ve prepared 5 things that helped me along my journey to Inferno Mode (where I am getting completely destroyed for now). Nobody can claim to be an expert at anything – including Diablo 3 – after only playing a week. But, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ll provide my “credentials” and you can judge my expertise and my tips for yourself.

If you didn’t already know, your “Follower” (Templar, Scoundrel, or Enchantress) has equipment slots for a weapon, two rings, and an amulet, all of which present an opportunity for you to increase their damage, their survivability, or both. If you click on the follower portrait at the top left corner of your screen, you’ll open a panel that lets you drag and drop items into the item slots and equip the follower with gear. If you’re not happy with your follower in general, you might want to consider trying one of the other two options. They’ve all got unique appeal (and amusing personalities), and inevitably one will serve your character class and your personal play style best.